Solar DAO Taps Blockchain to Expand Solar Energy Plants Worldwide; ICO Begins

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Solar DAO, an investment fund built on the Ethereum blockchain, marks the use of blockchain technology to expand photovoltaic (PV) solar plants worldwide. PV solar modules convert solar light to electricity due to photo effect and are a more environmentally friendly way to generate electricity while at the same time providing a less expensive source of energy.

PV solar plants profit from the sale of electricity to a central energy grid. Solar DAO will use the profits from the plants to expand the number and capacity of plants worldwide, further increasing the profits. The plants profit from tariffs over a period of 15 to 25 years and continue to sell for an average market price after expiration.

The Solar DAO team will work to ensure that legal and technical audits are conducted while following accepted global standards and utilizing professional software.

Mission: Solar Expansion

Solar DAO wants to expand solar plant capacity by an average of four times per year. Power capacity of solar plants worldwide has increased from 1.4 GW in 2000 to 237.3 GW in 2015. Construction costs have decreased from $5,000 per kilowatt to $700 per kilowatt.

The team plans to reach a total installed capacity of PV solar plants of up to 1.8 GW (1800 MW) by 2024, marking a total capitalization of $3.4 billion.

Solar DAO makes investing in the building and owning of PV solar plants feasible for those who want to invest between $100 and $10,000. Investment in such projects historically has been confined to those with millions of dollars due to technical audit and legislation research, legal entity registration and deal execution charges. Solar DAO will allow investors with as little as $1 to own and sell Solar DAO tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Solar DAO tokens are executed by Ethereum smart contracts for increased transparency and security, and are called SDAOs. Token holders will be able to oversee the PV construction projects on a web interface that provides access to all construction information.

Token holders will also be provided the opportunity to communicate with the team and vote for specific initiatives. The team plans to test various technical solutions to reduce operating costs of plants and will test energy storage systems to stabilize energy output.

ICO Begins

The preliminary ICO has been extended for 10 days until Sept. 10, offering a 50% bonus. The pre-ICO will be followed by the core ICO, scheduled to start by the end of October 2017. The ICO cap is $4 million. The total token supply will be 80 million.

Early bird investors will receive the following bonuses for the core ICO: First four days, 25%; week one bonus, 20%; week two bonus, 15%; week three bonus, 10%; week four bonus, 5%; week five bonus, 0%.

The company will invest in PV solar plants globally, with a particular focus on the Israeli, Portuguese, Kazakhstani and Ukrainian markets.

Solar DAO has already implemented 70 MW PV plants across Europe and Russia, and 150 in Kazakhstan. They have also deployed four production facilities for PV cells and modules in Russia, Spain, Germany and South Africa.

The team is currently helping its clients invest in PV solar plants across the globe through UNISOLEX, a Russian entity. The platform has attracted multi-million-dollar investors.


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