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October 24, 2014 8:35 PM UTC

SnapCard’s #IntegrateSF Campaign to Give Away 500 POS Terminals to Local Merchants

Digital currency users are about to have a lot more choice when it comes to spending their Bitcoin in the Bay Area! In a bold move aimed at turning the San Francisco Bay area into the world's digital currency hub, Bitcoin payment solutions provider SnapCard…

Digital currency users are about to have a lot more choice when it comes to spending their Bitcoin in the Bay Area! In a bold move aimed at turning the San Francisco Bay area into the world’s digital currency hub, Bitcoin payment solutions provider SnapCard announced on Tuesday that it will be giving 500 local merchants the ability to accept digital currency payments through their #IntegrateSF campaign.

The campaign, which runs throughout the month of November, will give away free Android tablets that are pre-loaded with SnapCard’s POS (point-of-sale) software to merchants who sign up for the promotion on their website before November 15, 2014. Selected merchants will receive a complete promotional package that includes:

  • A free Android tablet with SnapCard’s POS (point-of-sale) merchant application
  • Official Bitcoin stickers, table tent and promotional window vinyl
  • Free marketing to over 100,000 digital currency users
  • 0% transaction fees forever

Kicking off the promotion in San Francisco, SnapCard plans to visit 21 cities in the Bay Area, including Oakland, Alameda, Berkley, and San Jose. In response to an e-mail in which I asked what prompted them to choose San Francisco as their starting point, SnapCard co-founder and CEO Michael Dunworth had this to say:

“From our side, we saw it as a right fit doing San Francisco. Our offices are here, along with a lot of Bitcoin startups, accelerators, and Venture Capital firms that are all pushing Bitcoin forward. So the proximity made sense for us.”

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Getting the Bitcoin Community Involved

In the wake of SnapCard’s announcement, support among the Bitcoin community has been overwhelming. To keep that positive momentum going, SnapCard is asking Bay Area Bitcoin enthusiasts and supporters to promote the campaign on social media and use the #IntegrateSF hashtag on Twitter to tweet about local businesses they know of that accept Bitcoin.

In an effort to further encourage and reward the community’s grassroots involvement, SnapCard is offering a referral bonus in the amount of $20 worth of Bitcoin to anyone who successfully refers a Bay Area merchant to its platform. People can refer as many local businesses as they like and as soon as the merchant makes his or her first transaction, the person who referred them receives their bonus!


#IntegrateSF Goes Beyond Bitcoin

In addition to being able to accept Bitcoin payments, merchants using the SnapCard POS terminals will also be able to accept payment in Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ripple. This decision on SnapCard’s part echoes the growing trend among digital currency businesses of integrating alternative digital currencies, also known as altcoins, into their services and applications.

Why did they choose those three particular altcoins? According to SnapCard, aside from Bitcoin, those altcoins have the largest market capitalization and most active communities.

In this author’s opinion, SnapCard couldn’t have picked a better month to launch its #IntegrateSF campaign. By the end of November, 500 new merchants are going to be accepting digital currency payments which might not otherwise have done so. It brings us 500 steps closer to mainstream Bitcoin adoption, and that is something to be very thankful for, indeed.

What do you think about #IntegrateSF? Comment below!

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