December 1, 2013 4:48 PM UTC

snapCard lets Bitcoiners pay with Bitcoin at Ebay and Amazon!

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There’s a new start-up based out of San Francisco that is providing a service to Bitcoiners that up to now hasn’t existed on such an institutional scale.  Users are reporting that snapCard works for international shipments of United States goods sold through the magic of the internet as well.  This is great news as Bitcoin spending is the solution for Bitcoin hoarding and there is nothing better than ordering items off of Amazon or Ebay.  It is unfortunate that the big name stores that snapCard allows Bitcoiners to shop at do not yet accept Bitcoin directly.  However, it is possible that snapCard’s success will be a or the catalyst to cause mainstream adoption of Bitcoin for retail purposes.  Eventually all the chargebacks are going to weigh heavy on the hearts of corporate accountants everywhere.

snapCard lets users spend Bitcoins at online websites such as Amazon or Ebay with the use of a bookmarklet written in Javascript.  They charge 2% per transaction and use Coinbase’s exchange prices to do business.  Their services will undoubtedly be used by many many Americans that have been aching for such a service since Bitspend left the Bitcoin community many months ago.  snapCard shouldn’t be confused with SnapCard by the United States Government which is an electronic upgrade to food stamps.  Bitcoin is making moves around the world and snapCard is leading the revolution to bring true liquidity to the Bitcoin market.  The use of Bitcoin exchanges such as Mt. Gox and the associated waiting and fees will become a thing of the past as snapCard and its competitors gain a foothold in online commerce.
Welcome to the future, mis amigos.

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Update: snapCard review by Caleb Chen.

Check out this video which shows snapCard’s bookmarklet in action on Amazon.

snapCard Overview from snapCard on Vimeo.

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