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Smartz Have Added the Ability to Use EOS Smart Contracts

Last Updated May 16, 2023 1:39 AM
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Last Updated May 16, 2023 1:39 AM
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Due to the recent launch of EOS mainnet Smartz  have added it to the list of blockchains and now it is possible to deploy smart contracts on EOS through the platform. The first type of smart contract constructor that can deploy on EOS is the token contract. The smart contract constructor allows users to independently deploy their own smart contract to the EOS blockchain.

EOS was a response to the difficulties in implementing the capabilities of smart contracts in Ethereum for a number of promising areas. Using Bitcoin and Ethereum in their current state is simply unprofitable and inconvenient for some areas that require a large network bandwidth and can sacrifice a degree of decentralization for this.

EOS provides developers with cryptographic and communication tools for blockchain applications. The platform includes role-based permissions, web tools for interface development, self-describing interfaces and a database scheme, a declarative permissions scheme, and a mechanism for freezing and fixing broken or frozen applications. The problem of transaction speed is also solved; it reaches tens of thousands of operations per second. In addition, parallelization is used to scale the network, which allows achieving an amazing speed of a million transactions per second. In the future, this will allow supporting thousands of DApps.

Deployment of a smart contract to the EOS network is carried out using the Scatter extension (aka Metamask for Ethereum). For better understanding the Scatter extension features and how to use it to deploy contracts see an instruction  at the Docs section.

Smartz is a multi-chain smart contracts management system which opens up the world of smart contracts for everyone. The platform provides individuals and organizations with the possibility to easily choose, deploy and manage a variety of smart contracts, within the framework of friendly UI and without the need for programming skills. The platform does not store user’s secret keys or any private information due to its decentralized format and worldview. All keys remain firmly with the user.


Developers can focus on programming decentralized business logic without worrying about presentation layers, user notifications or issues with input addresses. The platform also provides developer’s tools for publishing, promotion, and support as well as the subsequent monetization of the product. Smartz Platform in association with its partners, will also provide solutions for cross-developer-code-review, legalisation, identity verification, oracles and arbitration and even data swaps between smart contracts on different chains.