Skrilla Announces ESports Fantasy Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

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An increasing number of video games and eSports startups are being launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The primary purpose is to increase user participation in the development of games and provide them a whole new exposure that wasn’t possible before with conventional technology. The eSports industry is particularly becoming more and more prevalent in the online community especially in the age bracket of 18-35 year olds.

The industry has experienced an amazing 40% year-on-year growth till 2016 and is expected to grow even better in the future. Many of their young users associate themselves with the gaming community perhaps more than the conventional sports. A study even showed that many of them actually associated themselves with an eSports team in any of the famous games like DOTA 2, League of legends and other games rather than conventional football teams of their cities.

This is a new trend that is shaping the society and the future of the eSports. Skrilla, a new eSports Fantasy platform based on blockchain aims to capitalize on this rapid growth of eSports and become a permanent presence in the ever-growing community. The Skrilla project is a collaboration between two big established players in the eSports industry; Puntaa and the GAMURS Group. By introducing a new token and allowing users to bet on the outcomes of matches and taking part in all-new fantasy league is what Skrilla platform is offering right now. Both of these partnering companies have exclusive experience that they bring to the table.

Puntaa has wagering experience since they have created the world’s first licensed P2P social betting platform. Puntaa also successfully convinced Altor Capital and founders of Unlocked to invest in the Skrilla platform. GAMURS group on the other hand runs DoteSports which is a popular eSports platform. The platform provides high-quality global coverage of all popular eSports events and is on track to become the largest hub for eSports worldwide.

The merging of these companies and their unique successes in the eSports industry will help Skrilla develop into an engaging and popular platform for the online gaming community. The new platform will help engage eSports fans in ways not possible before. Participants will have to pay an entrance fee to participate in daily contests and even make money out of it.

The users handpick a team of their favorite professional eSports players who they believe will accumulate the most points in regular matches. Of course some players are worth more while others are worth less but since it is sports anybody can upset the other. Based on actual live results, the players in the fantasy league are ranked against each other and top individuals are given rewards in the form of tokens. The more people involved in the platform, the bigger the jackpot for one at the top of the fantasy league rankings.

Skrilla ICO

In order to develop and deploy the platform, Skrilla underwent a token sale from November 6-20, 2017. The goal was set at 150,000 ETH. The Skrilla token is called the SKR token which is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token and it will be put on trading on all major cryptocurrency websites 14 days after the end of the ICO. That is around 4 December so the trading will start within a few days from now.

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