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Skip Bayless Did Dak Prescott a Favor With Controversial Comments

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Skip Bayless recently criticized Dak Prescott for being open about his struggles with depression following his brother’s suicide.
  • Prescott’s response to those critical of his honesty proves he is the kind of leader the Dallas Cowboys need.
  • With the public behind him, Prescott could get the contract he wants from Jerry Jones if he puts up a good season.

As Skip Bayless has become more about making ridiculous comments than anything else, it has become hard to find value in his work. Take his recent criticism of Dak Prescott for being open about his mental health. Taken at face value, Bayless’ comments do more harm than good since they may discourage someone from talking when they need to.

But in a roundabout way, his remarks are going to do Prescott a favor. They are going to help him get paid.

Dak Prescott Responds Like a Leader Should

Everyone on social media blasted Bayless  for his comments, including his employer– but he’s accustomed to such responses. As for Prescott, when he was asked about those critical of him for opening up about his mental health struggles, he responded accordingly:

clarence hill jr tweet
Dak Prescott responds perfectly to those who question him for being open about his mental health. | Source: Twitter .

No one would have faulted Prescott for saying something negative about Bayless. Instead, he shows that he was ultimately thinking about how he could be the best version of himself.

He was doing what a good leader should.

Jerry Jones Will Have to Pay Him Now

According to the rumor mill, the Cowboys were looking to pay Dak Prescott somewhere in the rage of Russell Wilson money ($35 million AAV) on a longer deal. But Prescott was supposedly asking for something shorter and closer to $40 million a year—and fans bashed him for it.

How can he demand that kind of money when he hasn’t produced enough to earn what Jones offered?

Deshaun Watson (who also hasn’t produced enough) signing an extension that puts his salary at $39 million helps Prescott’s argument. But what will help his cause is how the perception of him has changed thanks to Skip Bayless and his comments.

Fans are no longer talking about how he is not worth the money he wants. Instead, they are talking about what a great leader he is and how they admire him for opening up and being vulnerable.

jay bilas tweet
One of many people who have commended Prescott. | Source: Twitter 

They don’t see him as an athlete looking for a payday anymore. He is a leader they can relate to, someone they want to rally behind and support. He has become something that Jerry Jones has never been—the kind of leader America’s Team needs.

Couple that with a successful season, including a deep playoff run, and Deshaun Watson’s contract will become the floor for future contract talks between Prescott and the Cowboys–not the ceiling.

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