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SIX Network Aims to Be the Pioneer in the Digital World to Integrate Blockchain in Daily Life

Last Updated April 17, 2023 2:34 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 17, 2023 2:34 AM
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On September 7, 2018, SIX network held a meetup at Ookbee office, Empire Tower, Bangkok under the theme “the World is now Crypto!” with Mr. Vatchara and Mr. Natavudh (CO-CEOs) discussed SIX network vision.

Mr. Vachara said “In today’s world, Blockchain technology has evolved significantly in these past couple years. This allows us to promote the use-case of this technology in our daily life better. We have formed a partnership with our partners that will help us achieve our goals faster with an easy-to-connect and effective partnership program”

Yes, We are Moving From Promotion to Real Adoption”

Extending our success by continuing to expand our client base

Today, there are over 100 million creative workers around the world that are currently being affected by the middleman system. Over 60% of their income is currently being stripped off to the middlemen. For an example, if their revenue is 100$, they would only receive 40$ since the middleman, such as payment processor, application platform or marketplace, took the big chunk out of their income. Also, each platform usually contains a token that can only be utilized on their respective platform, thus making it virtually impossible to transfer the token to different platforms. These tokens also usually do not hold any monetary value so they cannot be used in a typical financial transaction.

SIX network is one of the first ICO projects that focused on solving problems for over 100 millions creative workers around the world to help them lead a better life. SIX network is formed by the group of companies that own leading creative platforms in South East Asia. These companies are comprised of Ookbee U, a joint venture between Tencent and Ookbee, Computerlogy, a company expert in technology and big data, and YDM from South-Korea. There are over 10m creative workers and 85 million USD revenue circulated on our platforms combined monthly and we have the plan to replace SIX token as a medium of our future.


SIX network started ICO process in March 2018 and sold out all of its tokens in May 2018. In June 2018, we continued to roll out our Strategy & Vision to solidify the confidence of our investors. One of our goals is to become the first platform in the world to change the perception of Blockchain technology from difficult to use and interact to become the technology that is easily applied and applicable in our daily life for creative workers and normal users.

Growing with partners and communities

In today’s world, we cannot ignore the fact that the trend of application development is to use API system acting as a bridge to connect other applications to the platform. At SIX network, we have one of the best team of developers that are expert in API development in the country. We hope to develop our infrastructure to become Blockchain-as-a-service. This year, we are developing SDK for our partners and developers to use via our infrastructure through our API system. We plan to let our partners use “Pay with SIX” system that is integrated with our API, making their integration as easy and seamless as possible.

Alliance with Strongest Partners

“SIX network has formed a partnership and co-invested in Chomchob, which is a platform that collected points/tokens from different providers and converts into over 200,000 products and services in Thailand. When we are fully integrated SIX Token to Chomchob platform, SIX token will become one of the world first cryptocurrency to be able to buy products and services in our daily life such as exchanging the tokens as a money coupon in fast food restaurant to purchase the foods” Mr. Vatchara, Co-CEO of SIX network, said

Mr. Natavudh, Co-CEO of SIX network added “SIX network consists of platforms with over 10 millions creative workers in South East Asia and is constantly growing. We believe that our roadmap will help creative workers experience Blockchain technology in a more refined way under the approach that they can all relate to.”

The new SIX is arriving

six in the future

The new SIX are including features with the focuses of four key areas to meet the needs of the new generation users.

Seamless Communication

The new SIX application focuses on creating a seamless way to communicate between users and improving users experience by integrating their favorite contents and assets from different platforms to SIX application. With our new application, users can send and receive tokens and contents within our built-in chat application.

Financial services

Partnering with leading financial institutions, SIX application allows the user to do more than just storing the asset; we want to help you grow the assets. The users will be able to invest their assets on our platform, which is managed by top investment gurus in Thailand or even utilize lending portals to secure the financial needs.


The brands can interact with users more than ever with the new platform on SIX application. With this platform, brands can create their page to promote their contents and promotions directly through SIX application. They can also provide an incentive for users to follow their channels and stay updated with their latest contents.

Creator’s Platform

three iphones with different images on them

Move beyond just the wallet into communities platform for the users to stream and buy contents from creators directly on our platform. Last but not least, the new “marketplace’ feature will allow users to trade, sell and buy assets from all platforms on SIX application’s marketplace.

Ultimately, SIX network will become an important platform for creative workers and users that will suit the lifestyle, including using it to purchase product both offline and online or making an investment or transaction between both parties. SIX network aims to be the platform that contains one of the highest net worth of digital content in the world. SIX network still seeking for new partnerships that are poised to thrive and help develop the creative industry.

Lastly, be apart of the SIX network project today, visit Liquid.com  and Coinsuper.com  to get SIX token. This is just the first step of us, and there will be couple more exchange markets coming soon so please stay tuned.