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Silver Lining Softens Blow of The Outer Worlds Switch Port Delay

Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • Release of The Outer Worlds Switch port delayed.
  • Development halted by coronavirus outbreak.
  • The physical release will now include a cartridge.

Publisher Private Division is pushing back the release of The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch due to development hurdles imposed by the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Hampers The Outer Worlds Switch Port Progress

Private Division explains that the Chinese offices of the Singaporean developer bringing The Outer Worlds port to life, Virtuos, have closed as a direct result of the coronavirus epidemic. All progress on The Outer Worlds Switch port is now on hold.

Silver Lining Softens Blow of The Outer Worlds Switch Port Delay
Source: Twitter 

In an accompanying tweet, the publisher was quick to point out that the Virtuos team is in good health . The Outer Worlds’ official Twitter handle echoed the news explaining that Virtuos closed its offices as a matter of safety .

Regarding a new launch date, Private Division is unable to provide further details as of writing;

We’re working with the team to determine an updated development timeline, and will share more regarding a new launch date shortly.

Silver Lining

The news will surely dampen the excitement of those eager to jump into Obsidian Entertainment’s acclaimed sci-fi action-RPG on the Nintendo Switch; there is a silver lining, though.

A by-product of the delay is that the physical Switch version will now ship with a cartridge.

When details of the port surfaced last month, many were up in arms. Private Division planned to ship the physical release without a cartridge. The release would consist of an empty case alongside a download code. The move sparked understandable backlash from the gaming community. Many questioned the point of a digital-all-but-in-name release of The Outer Worlds.

The decision to delay the launch of The Outer Worlds on Switch over coronavirus concerns is a logical precautionary measure few will fault. A rejig of the physical package will only aid sales when the game does arrive. Private Division deserves a tip of the hat for responding to community feedback, albeit under the shadow of the coronavirus.