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Shopping Assistant Elly Shows the Future of Smart Shopping with AI and Blockchain Solutions

Last Updated April 27, 2023 5:24 AM
Last Updated April 27, 2023 5:24 AM

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The Eligma  startup was founded in late 2017 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, and boasts a number of high-profile industry advisors. It successfully finished its public crowdsale in May 2018, raising over 10 million USD despite the market volatility. Eligma is now set to realize its roadmap to make commerce faster, easier and safer with the latest technologies. Two of its solutions are being launched in September 2018; the first one started talking to its visitors today.

Eligma’s MVP Elly , an AI chatbot who loves helping people shop, offers a glimpse into smart product discovery. As most shoppers know, there are plenty of offers online but scattered over many different websites, which makes finding best deals, desired qualities and information very time-consuming. Eligma tackles this problem with artificial intelligence in order to save users time and money. As an MVP, AI shopping assistant Elly is being trained in product knowledge and the user-oriented approach. The aim is to develop Elly into a shopping tool that will not only suggest the best deal, but find the product according to the exact specifications of the user and make price-to-quality recommendations considering the features that the user finds important.

Current MVP features:

  • original chatbot framework, innovative product discovery research and algorithms
  • it is available in the desktop and mobile versions and has voice recognition
  • like a real sales assistant, it is trained on product characteristics, at this MVP stage in one product category − mobile phones
  • Elly can remember interactions with the user for future reference and personalized shopping.

Future prospects:


  • more product categories to be added till the end of the year
  • the memorization of the chat with a user will result in detailed knowledge on the user’s preferences and effective recommendations across a variety of product categories
  • user interaction and data will be used for constant improvements, which will make Elly increasingly ‘smarter’ as time goes by
  • in order to further expand Eligma’s AI, Eligma has partnered with Bias Variance Lab, consisting of data science experts groomed at the Jozef Stefan Institute, the largest research institute in Slovenia.

Another Eligma’s commerce solution to be introduced is Elipay , a mobile application for paying with cryptocurrencies at online and offline stores. Launched ahead of roadmap schedule, Elipay is Eligma’s answer to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and aims to further their use in daily shopping. It will first offer payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether, with ERC-20 token support developed as well. On 12 September, Elipay will be launched in Slovenia and then on the international market. It has been tested for 3 months at approximately 60 stores at one of the biggest shopping and business centers of Central Europe – BTC City. With Elipay and other projects based on innovative technologies, BTC City is transforming into world’s first Bitcoin City™  – a unique technological ecosystem for next-generation shopping.

Both Elipay and Elly will ultimately be part of the Eligma commerce platform, which will not only enable users to find products online, but provide them with a range of functionalities that will help them track and resell what they have. Eligma’s roadmap contains the development of a digital inventory of everything a user buys, a system predicting the value of the items and suggesting a good time to sell them, and automated listings of items on selling sites. The commercial activities on the platform will run on Eligma’s native ELI token, which is now listed on Livecoin, Bancor, BitForex, Coinbe and Tokens exchanges. Eligma is also a proud member of Blockchain Alliance Europe,  dedicated to furthering the quality and general awareness of blockchain industry.