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ShadowCoin Lead Developer Rynomster Speaks From The Shadows

Last Updated April 11, 2023 3:08 AM
Josiah Wilmoth
Last Updated April 11, 2023 3:08 AM

a red and black logo with the word shadowThe past year has brought many innovations to the altcoin market. As Bitcoin has encountered potential future roadblocks–such as regulation and government opposition–altcoin developers have sought to provide alternatives to the privacy-conscious. One recent altcoin to attempt to provide user anonymity is ShadowCoin . ShadowCoin uses stealth addresses to provide anonymous transactions, but they also offer a secure messaging system accessible from within the desktop wallet. ShadowCoin also recently debuted a mobile wallet that allows user staking.

CCN recently spoke with ShadowCoin’s lead developer, Rynomster, about ShadowCoin’s current and future plans. Though he remained fairly tight-lipped throughout the interview, his brief answers can give potential ShadowCoin investors an insight into the lead developer’s mindset and goals for his project.

I have a few big-picture questions about ShadowCoin. What is ShadowCoin’s ultimate goal?

ShadowCoin’s goal is to be a fully private, secure, environment friendly, anonymous crypto currency. We want to be the best.

That is quite an ambitious goal. How do you plan to attain that feat?


We plan to attain it by delivering great solutions that would attract the masses. Right now we’ve got a secure, private PoS crypto currency, with encrypted messaging. The next step would be adoption.

Do you have any concrete plans to increase adoption?

We’re in the process of rebranding, and our community is really stepping up to fill in gaps where possible. After this week, we will have a way clearer picture of where we’re heading. [Author’s note: More information on this can be found in the ShadowCoin Bitcointalk thread .]

Thanks. Privacy is very important to a lot of crypto-users, but the market has become quite crowded. What separates your coin from others such as Darkcoin and XCurrency?

Right now we rely on Stealth Addresses, which is anonymous all the way up until the coinbase. We aren’t using any mixers, so our transactions are pretty much instant.

What about ShadowCoin do you think users should find more attractive than other purportedly anonymous coins?

We have a built in Encrypted Messaging system, which allows you to transact securely and privately. We have a lot of plans to build onto it.

Care to reveal any of those plans? 

We’ve got a messaging platform which scales infinitely, so the potential is huge. It can be used for more than just messaging, anything can be sent over it in theory.

It sounds like the messaging platform will play a huge role in ShadowCoin’s future. With the altcoin market becoming so crowded, many people overlook alts altogether. Did you ever consider branding yourself as purely a secure messaging platform rather than a currency with messaging built in?

Not really, what we are going for is the whole secure transaction system, [with] communication and transactions being secure.

Thanks. So what can we expect from SDC in the future?

Lots of innovation. We’ve only just started, we do have plans, but we don’t want to reveal anything just yet.

Finally, could you speak a little bit about the SDC development team? What experience and skills do you, and your team members, bring to the table?

In our dev team, we have experience in the financial sector, banking, loans, insurance, as well as experience in GIS systems, system administration, database administration, networking, security, and 3D game engines. We have also all been contributing to many open source projects in recent years.

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