, The Spanish Craigslist, Unblocks Classified Ads Allowing Payment In Bitcoin

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March 28, 2014

Spanish language article available here., often called the ‘Spanish Craigslist’, has received some flak from Spanish Bitcoiners in the last few months for not allowing payments in Bitcoin. is the second largest site offering Spanish classified ads, after  Both sites receive millions of unique visitors monthly and are an integral part of Spain’s economy.  For awhile, Spanish Bitcoiners would find their classified ads being deleted at the mere mention of “acepto Bitcoin.”  Despite the rocky past, recently told CCN via email that:

From now on, will accept their (Classified ads that mention Bitcoin) publication and, as far as possible, will retrieve all the ads that have been blocked.


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The Story Of Ciprian Ghita

Earlier this week, Ciprian Ghita reached out to CCN to share dialogue that he had had with’s customer service.  Ghita has been a Bitcoin enthusiast for awhile now and uses classified ads to sell computer hardware in exchange for Bitcoin.  Though he had been a loyal and non trouble causing user of for many months, one day Ghita went online to find that his classified ads had been removed (because they mentioned that he accepted Bitcoin).  In addition, he received an automated message explaining the deletion of his classified ad:

El producto o servicio que anuncias no esta permitido según las reglas de inserción de, por lo que no podemos publicar tu anuncio.

The product or service that is being announced is not permitted by’s terms of service, as such we are unable to publish your post.

When he asked for further explanation from their customer service, he was greeted with this infuriating response:

Lo sentimos, pero el pago con bitcoins no esta permitido en

We’re sorry, but payment with Bitcoins is not permitted at

Here at CCN, our Spanish Editor reached out to to allow them to clarify their company’s policy.  As Ghita was quick to mention,’s posted rules do not allow them to dictate the medium of exchange for transactions resulting from their classified ads. Responds To CCN Inquiry

“Hola Adrián,

Respecto a tu pregunta, te comento la política de la empresa.

Hasta ahora, estaba estudiando la viabilidad de la publicación de anuncios en los que el intercambio se produjera a través de Bitcoin, ya que no existe una regulación específica y se encuentra en una situación de alegalidad. Por ello, estaba bloqueando la publicación de estos anuncios. A partir de ahora, aceptará su publicación y, en la medida de lo posible, recuperará todos los anuncios que hayan sido bloqueados.”

“Hello Adrian,
Regarding your question, let me tell you the company policy.

Up until now, was studying the feasibility of ads in which the exchange occurs through Bitcoin, because there is no specific regulation and it is unregulated. Therefore, we were blocking the publication of these ads. From now on, will accept their publication and, as far as possible, will retrieve all the ads that have been blocked.”

Even as of now, the Bitcoin section of is kind of sparse; however, postings are starting to creep up.

Who is behind this sudden change of heart?

The holding company behind, Schibsted is also responsible for several other Spanish language sites including but not limited to:,  Schibsted is a Norwegian media group and operates in Spain under its Spanish subsidiary: SCM Spain.

On 2/13/14, Schibsted announced that they had acquired popular Spanish online classifieds site  Schibsted is the undeniable majority holder of most of Spain’s most visited classifieds portals.  In contrast with, which did expressly block ads with the word “bitcoin” in them, has always allowed Bitcoin to be used in their p2p exchanges.  I think it is incredibly likely that was able to update their stance on bitcoin due to input from

It is now safe to say that the majority of Spaniards have access to established online classifieds marketplaces for them to sell physical wares for bitcoin.  This is one great example of existing infrastructure working hand in hand with Bitcoiners to expand the Bitcoin economy.


If you’re interested in Spanish coverage of this and other Crypto news, check out Noticias Sobre Bitcoin!

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