Second Name Change Document Emerges in Bitcoin Exchange CEO Alex Green Scandal

October 17, 2014

Following the story even further of bitcoin exchange CEO Alex Green even further, a second name change document has come to my attention.

Through an anonymous source, someone very close to Kennedy in the past, a second Deed Poll may prove of a name change from Ryan Gentle to Ryan Kennedy.

“It is my belief that it was faked by Ryan, to allow him to get documentation in the name of Kennedy,” the source told CCN.

The difference between the first document and the second document is the signature of Ryan. In the second document, the “R” looks similar to the “R” on the driver’s license sent to Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, and Ben Doernberg earlier this week. The driver’s license was issued to Ryan Gentle.

The Devon County Council was unable to assist in identifying either of these documents, and instead forwarded the trail to the Royal Court of Justice.

Elliot Szarvas is one of the witnesses on the first unverified leaked Deed Poll. He responded to Palmer through Twitter earlier, clearing his name of involvement in the name change.

The current rumor is that Ryan Kennedy is in Japan with Chelsea Hopkins, a woman whose name appears on MintPal parent company documentation. The rumor continues saying that they both are currently with Szarvas. As a whole, this claim is unconfirmed.

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Alex Green Name Change Suspicion

The possibility of a name change arose once Palmer posed possible evidence that Alex Green is Ryan Kennedy. After news spread of the allegation, more and more possible evidence surfaced trying to connect the two. Green denied and relation to Kennedy, but raised suspicions based on a certain quote that followed on the Moolah company blog.

“My identity becomes relevant if I break the law, which is something that neither myself nor my employees have done. To be as clear as I can, I could have been born as John Smith, and it wouldn’t matter. This is not to be taken as confirmation or admission of anything, that will follow at a later stage. In the eyes of the law, my name is Alex Green.”

The quote spun unconfirmed theories that Green changed his name legally, and can provide all documentation to support his identity. Those in support of the name change theory say that even if Green provided a driver’s license or passport with the name “Alex Green” on it, there would still be skepticism.

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MintPal Still Not Processing Bitcoin Withdraws

MintPal, a once-popular bitcoin exchange, was taken down just before Green announced that Moopay LTD. was considering bankruptcy. Claiming a “critical bug,” the site remained offline for a few days, trapping more than $130,000 in cryptocurrency online.

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The exchange recently opened up again, allowing an alternative withdraw system. While currencies like Blackcoin, Darkcoin and Dogecoin are reported to be received, bitcoin withdraws are still yet to be processed. The exchange blames rebuilding and reindexing daemons before all bitcoin withdraws are completed. It is still unclear who is managing the MintPal exchange and processing the transactions manually.

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