SEC Receptive to Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust

January 18, 2014 02:42 UTC

According to Michael J. Casey, an editor and senior columnist at The Wall Street Journal, the Winklevoss twins are receiving positive feedback from the SEC regarding their new bitcoin business venture, Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust. The following quote is from Mr. Evan Greebel, whom is the lawyer for the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.

“The SEC has generally been receptive,”  said Mr. Greebel, a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman’s New York office. “We are working through common procedures and working through the registration process and we have not gotten any show stoppers. We think the SEC understands the nature of the project and understands that it does bring stability to bitcoin.”

Interestingly enough, the SEC declined to comment and Mr. Greebel does not want to speculate on when the approval or launch of the venture will take place. Many speculate that this venture, or a similar venture could bring great stability to the often volatile bitcoin price. CCN has reported on the Winklevoss ETF in the past and will keep you up to date regarding any further developments.

Last modified: April 20, 2014 18:28 UTC


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