satoshi forest seans outpost
Sean's Outpost celebrated its first birthday today.

Sean’s Outpost & Satoshi Forest Under Attack

satoshi forest seans outpost

Sean’s Outpost celebrated its first birthday!

Bitcoin’s preeminent homeless-support charity, Sean’s Outpost, is under attack.

According to Bitcoin Not Bombs, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners authorized the county attorney to file an injunction on Sean’s Outpost and its “Satoshi Forest” project.  The Board authorized the injunction with only three of the five commissioners present to vote.

The latest in a series of attempts by the City of Pensacola to hinder the operation of Satoshi Forest, this injunction may be intentionally coming at a time when the charity’s team is spread thin:

We have done everything in our power to abide by the law and follow all regulations, and may be about to be subpoenaed during a time where our land use attorney is out of town and Mike, myself, and our civil rights attorney Ali-stair will also be out of town this weekend. If they file an emergency injunction, we will have only 48 hours to appear.

This is not a coincidence.

While the rationale behind the action is “continued violations of Escambia Code of Ordinances and the Escambia County Land Development Code,” Sean’s Outpost contends,

The allegations being made against Satoshi Forest are falsified. […]  As of now a health inspector and code enforcer are being paid every week to inspect the property and no violations have been reported; in fact in the latest report it was written that the property has remained clean and orderly and is not in violation of any laws.

The County’s action against the Pensacola-based charity comes on the first anniversary of the creation of Sean’s Outpost.  Satoshi Forest is a nine-acre property purchased with donations for the purposes of providing a safe territory for the city’s homeless to camp and grow edible gardens.

In addition to Satoshi Forest, Sean’s Outpost delivers meals and supplies to the homeless of Pensacola and operates a thrift store to raise funds.

Stay tuned to Bitcoin Not Bombs for an interview with Mike Kimberl for further clarification of this action.

Pensacola, Really?

The City of Pensacola and its surrounding county of Escambia have a reputation for authoritarian bullying, especially regarding the homeless.  The city passed multiple ordinances designed to make life impossible for the homeless by preventing them from shaving or washing in public restrooms, sleeping with a blanket on public grounds, or asking for money.  The “blanket ban” has since been repealed under extreme media pressure and a campaign by Sean’s Outpost among others.

Additionally, Escambia county sheriffs drew media attention when they fired seventeen times at an unarmed elderly man for allegedly breaking into his own car on his own property, and in another instance where sheriffs climbed into the window of a house without a warrant and shot two dogs belonging to the residents of the house, who were napping at the time.  No charges were filed against sheriffs in either case.  These heinous stories are not relevant to Sean’s Outpost or the homeless, but merely demonstrate the way authority is wielded in this small town.

And that is just last year.  Actually, both incidents happened in the same week.