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Scientology – And The Tom Cruise Connection – Is Hollywood’s Last Taboo

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • Leah Remini is promising to continue to expose Scientology.
  • Specifically, too, she’s looking to expose Tom Cruise’s connection to the cult.
  • Even though the ‘religion’ founded by L. Ron Hubbard is a dangerous cult, it still holds sway in Hollywood.

Leah Remini is still on a quest to expose Scientology.

Despite her award-winning documentary in which she exposes her former religion for being the dangerous cult that it is, most of its more egregious acts continue to be swept under the rug, thanks in no small part to its most powerful members, such as Tom Cruise.

Why is discussing these things still so taboo amongst the Hollywood elite?

Scientology Is Dangerous

Without getting lost in the proverbial weeds about what Scientology does, and does not, believe, suffice it to say that it is a dangerous cult.


Scientology continues to gain donations from some of Hollywood’s wealthiest celebrities. | Source: Twitter/Leah Remini 

It is so dangerous, in fact, that countries all over the world have noted its diabolical methods . To wit:

By surrounding converts with other Scientologists, and isolating them from those who have differing opinions from the church, they make it extremely difficult for people to break away. In addition, the mental and emotional abuse suffered by members of the church has been well-documented both here and abroad.

The cult has been blamed for Danny Masterson’s recent rape charges, and for John Travolta’s eldest son’s death.

Of the latter, in particular, Scientology is blamed for putting Travolta in a position where he wouldn’t acknowledge his son’s true diagnosis  — blaming “Kawasaki disease” for his seizures when it was all but medically impossible that Jett Travolta was suffering from the rare disorder — which indirectly contributed to his son’s death.

And even though Travolta finally acknowledged that Jett Travolta was, indeed, autistic in 2019, he credited the “religion” founded by L. Ron Hubbard for helping him “get through it.” 

Seems a bit strange, don’t you think?

And Leah Remini Is Tired Of It

Leah Remini — herself a former Scientologist — thinks so, too. That’s why she’s on a mission, today, to not only finish taking down the religion she began to chip away at in her award-winning documentary series, “Scientology & the Aftermath,” but to expose its most powerful and popular member: Tom Cruise.

Recently, actress Thandie Newton spoke out against Cruise, claiming she was afraid of him when she was on the set of “Mission Impossible 2,” and Remini didn’t hide the fact that most actresses are afraid to speak out against him  because of the sway he holds in Hollywood thanks to Scientology:

That takes huge balls to do what she did, and if more people speak out in that way, and be brave enough to do so, I think we might get somewhere. Tom has gotten away with being this ‘nice guy,’ because that’s what Scientology policy says—to create good PR in the world and make those ‘good actions’ known. But if you actually look at his actions, they’re not consistent.

Remini went on to say that because Cruise has a “nice guy” image, speaking out against him can cost you a career in Hollywood.

Leah Remini is pointing the finger at Tom Cruise for pulling an Australian network series expose into Scientology. | Source: Twitter 

The question, of course, remains: why is this so? Why is Scientology still the last taboo in Hollywood — and why is speaking out against what many call a dangerous cult  so detrimental to one’s career?

I learned pretty quickly that that’s not something you should be doing, because Tom Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology. This is a man who has not even seen his own daughter in years. That this guy can be running around and having people think he’s this super-nice guy, I don’t get it. But that’s the Hollywood-bulls–t game people play.

It’s all a game, indeed. It should be interesting to see, though, if Remini is successful in taking Scientology — and Tom Cruise — down.

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