Say Hello to the Future of Social Networking


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Social isolation is currently considered a major public health crisis. It has cut across the age divide, with more young people suffering from it than ever before.  

People are innately designed for social interaction. But as today’s hectic pace of life would have it, very little time is left for such interaction. When social networking sites first came into the scene, they seemed set to bridge the social divide. Unfortunately, they now only provide for a virtual connection while leaving people physically isolated.

Hellofriend is a social networking model built on an innovative blockchain platform. It has pinpointed the weaknesses in the current social networking structure and identified effective ways to address them. In addition, it has a built-in incentive structure that rewards user participation with the aim of creating a vibrant community.

The Hellofriend team and advisory board members are impressive with all of them having an MIT and Harvard background. In addition to this, the project has the support of the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Encouraging Social Activities Using Incentives

One of the greatest loopholes in the current social networking model is the fact that it is limited to virtual hangouts. There is no incentive for participants to either host or attend gatherings. Unfortunately, virtual relationships cannot fill the need for in-person interactions.

Hellofriend seeks to provide the missing link in the social networking model by providing an incentive so that people would put more effort into social interaction.

The platform has a native cryptocurrency known as Connect (CTT) that will function as a medium of exchange. It will also be used to execute the reward system on the network. New users on the platform will earn Connect tokens simply by being active and encouraging others to join. This is the motivation people need to maintain a high level of engagement and keep the network vibrant.

Going Beyond the Obvious

The concept goes a step further to address another common problem that keeps people from social interaction. Hosting social activities is quite costly and while you may wish to have attendees make contributions, it is challenging to chase them down to ensure they pay up.

Hellofriend provides a seamless structure to ensure that everyone who plans to attend contributes through the use of Connect tokens. This means that when you host an activity, you will earn Connect tokens from attendees who make contributions. This cuts down the economic burden of hosting since the contributions can be converted into dollars to cover for expenses.

Proof of Friendship

Hellofriend  has community engagement as its core objective. Its innovative community engagement program, aptly dubbed Proof of Friendship, has a unique structure that brings this objective to life. Users of this platform can earn Connect tokens by spreading the word about Hellofriend even before the platform launches.  The user who earns the most Connect tokens through the Proof of Friendship program will get an all-expense paid trip to the Harvard Innovation Lab to meet the team behind Hellofriend.

Once the platform goes live, you can have fun spending these tokens on exciting activities like movie nights, house parties, dinners and so much more. Alternatively, you could opt to exchange your tokens for other preferred currencies like bitcoin or dollars.

Hellofriend is already enjoying remarkable support, especially from college students. It is looking forward to growing its community as it brings the benefits of blockchain technology to social networking.