Say “Enough” to Cumbersome Crypto Wallets – an Easier Way of Using Cryptocurrency with the New Solution by GRAFT

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GRAFT is a universal payment platform that is based on blockchain technology and can be used by anyone. Our online platform combines the features of both cryptocurrency and the decentralized point of sale.

Today, with the emergence of cryptocurrency, the process of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-based financial transactions has gained much traction, but is also facing some serious obstacles that have to be overcome. One of those is an overcomplicated way to accept cryptocurrency. An average credit card transaction takes 2-3 days until funds become available to the merchant and costs them 2-5% for each transaction. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a transaction cost of around $8.00 at this time.

The issue has become so relevant that we can observe an ever-increasing interest on the Internet. Just the search for “accepting bitcoin” increased in worldwide interest by over 300% within the last year. This is a strong indication for the demand that systems like GRAFT can provide with supply.

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GRAFT successfully streamlines the acceptance of fiat and digital currencies using
standard point of sale (POS) software. Merchants no longer need to maintain separate POS apps and wallets. Furthermore, merchants can feel much better about the cost of transactions, with fees using GRAFT network as low as $0.01-0.02 (fiat credit card fees excluded).

The main advantages of the GRAFT platform include:

  • Credit card workflows: the platform provides compatibility with modern systems and processes;
  • Instant authorizations: an average transaction with Bitcoins is confirmed within 10-60 minutes while GRAFT transaction is authorized within a couple of seconds;
  • Ability to handle micropayments: the merchants can charge small amounts without the concern for high fees;
  • Free fund transfers: users can transfer GRAFT funds between wallets without paying a transaction fee.

Our goal is to break the myth in which cryptocurrency is perceived as a “dark market evil.” In this struggle, members of the GRAFT team contributed a part of their lives.

For instance, Slava Gomzin expressed his thoughts in the books, Hacking Point of Sale: Payment Application Secrets, Threats, and Solutions and Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians: Exploring the Foundations of Crypto Payments. Dan Itkis built and brought to market over half a dozen products, including IDAM, CRMs, MDM and VoIP. Vitalius P devoted his life to becoming a real expert in machine learning, image recognition and blockchain algorithms. Brad Gleeson is whom we call “Rainmaker”–he really does wonders!

Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”
We strive to be both–eliminating persistent problems of outdated cash and expensive credit cards with the help of our innovative payment processing platform, and having avoided possible future issues.

The autumn season has arrived, and it means that GRAFT has prepared a special offer for you – a PRE-sale of GRAFT token (grf:token), based on NEM Mosaic, a smart contract token platform.

For only the next few days, you have an attractive opportunity to purchase our tokens at a pre-sale price of 0.001843 BTC/0.028 ETH/28.06 XEM), 30% less than the final sale price, which is set at 0.00262 BTC/0.04 ETH/40.09 XEM. Just specify the desired number of tokens in BTC, ETH, or XEM and get them delivered to your NEM wallet.

Why may you need GRAFT tokens? If you intend to use the GRAFT network either as a user or as a merchant, or if you want to provide services or mine GRAFT, you will be able to exchange the GRAFT tokens for the GRF on a live network. This is a fantastic opportunity to build a new crypto-friendly world together!


For more details about the platform, please see GRAFT White Paper or/and Frequently Asked Questions.

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