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Satoshi Nakamoto v. ‘Fake News’: Craig Wright Lashes Out at Crypto Media

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: According to Decrypt reporter Ben Munster , Craig Wright specifically lashed out at CCN.com during his recent appearance at Oxford University. Wright believes CCN.com to be “owned by a group of people who are backing alt-chains, who are backing multiple coins, who are backing unregulated and uncontrolled exchanges.”

CCN.com’s incentive is to increase readership

None of which meshes with the facts of CCN.com’s ownership. CCN.com, unlike our major competitor and several who fancy themselves our competitors, is owned in whole by a private Norwegian company. We have no outside investments and earn our way through advertising. Our owners have no financial stake in any blockchain companies unless you consider CCN.com and Hacked.com to be such companies in the sense that we report on the state of the industry.

We have, however, reported extensively on Craig Wright. Understanding his penchant for a profession in litigation, we have stuck to the objective facts as much as possible. A total of 84 articles, including this one, out of more than 20,000, have touched on the subject of the Bitcoin SV creator.

Wright’s yes-man Jimmy Nguyen said:

“A lot of the media platforms have their own agenda, so you’ll have to start learning to filter the truth, or the shaded truth, or non-truth of what is published. And it’s hard to understand if you don’t work in the field because you’re just reading things.”

Let’s be clear. CCN.com has no agenda outside of publishing news of interest to our demographics. We began including stocks and political stories after realizing that a sizable portion of our readership would be interested in those.

If we had any reason to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto lived and breathed in the form of Craig Wright, we would report as much. If a court determines Craig Wright to be Satoshi Nakamoto, we will state that. If Craig Wright proves his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, we will report that. 

Hey, Craig

The key word there is “report.” We aren’t here to interpret events outside of editorials like this one, which is as much for the pleasure of the writer as it is the entertainment of the reader. Craig Wright fancies himself as important as Donald Trump, decrying the fake news crypto media. But the problem is, we work in a niche community which is quick to kill its idols. The story of Gavin Andresen comes to mind. If we were publishing fake news, you’d know about it pretty quick.

That Wright chose to single out CCN.com only speaks to the strength of our platform. He could have picked any outlet, but most outlets aren’t as likely to permeate the Google universe. It must be annoying to open your browser and see suggestions to read stories that don’t flatter you.

Coingeek.com has less visitors than many Pinterest pages. Source: smallseotools.com

Coingeek.com, after all, who frequently publish pro-CSW stories , ranks as one of the least popular crypto sites around. They’re even less popular than that one you keep hearing about, with the ridiculous personalities at its helm, who choose not to disclose when they’re reporting on companies who’ve invested in them.

Sorry, Craig. We don’t have any special financial incentive to publish unflattering facts about you. It’s just part of what we do.

You, on the other hand, have a financial incentive to question our motives.

You’re loud. Many of your views and claims clash directly with those of the Satoshi Nakamoto who did once rove the pages of Bitcointalk. Your relationship with the truth is called into question by your recent submission of false evidence to a Florida court, among other incidents. Did you know that’s probably a felony?

Let’s remind readers of this episode where Jimmy Nguyen claims that nChain doesn’t actually care about Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity:

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this article belong solely to the author and should not be directly attributed to CCN.com. They are for entertainment purposes only.