Satoshi Institute reveals Satoshi’s Bitcoin history

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs
March 26, 2014 21:27 UTC
Satoshi Nakamoto’s broke a three year long silence, telling the world he is not Dorian Nakamoto (photo). Every post he made can be found in the database of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

Satoshi Nakamoto remains an obscure figure to most people that are involved in cryptocurrencies. As the creator of Bitcoin, he is the reason we are all here. You would not be reading this article if it weren’t for him. Heck, I would not have written this text, and we would probably think virtual currencies could only exist in a galaxy far, far away.

Inventor of Bitcoin

However, Nakamoto is real. Whether he’s using a pseudonym or not, the person exists and he is the inventor of Bitcoin. In his honor, the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute launched a new website today. This website contains a special section, called ‘The Complete Satoshi‘. In this part of the site, you can find all of Satoshi’s public e-mails and forum posts. It’s a free trip into history, and I can recommend it to everyone. It shows how Bitcoin grew out of one person’s creative mind into the fully-fledged virtual currency that we all know today.

“I’ve developed a new open source P2P e-cash system called Bitcoin. It’s completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust. Give it a try, or take a look at the screenshots and design paper:

Download Bitcoin v0.1 at

The first forum post by Nakamoto, as recorded in ‘The Complete Satoshi’. There’s a complete design paper to be found in it, as well. It was too long to paste into this article, but it’s worth a read. You can find it here. It’s only one piece of the vast collection that the database houses. While it serves a nostalgic purpose, the Institute is mainly interested in educating the world. The conversations between Satoshi and the very early adopters give a good insight in the Bitcoin protocol, what it stands for and what the dangers are. It’s intriguing to see how a bunch of programmers were in the process of creating something that none of them was expecting to become this large.

I am not Dorian Nakamoto

When you read the first post that was recorded in the database, it clearly shows the start of Bitcoin. I’m sure this will bring back memories for some people that were there when it all started. If you’re wondering what the last post was Satoshi ever made, it’s a funny and short one. Satoshi apparently stopped posting on the 12th of December 2010. Nothing special in that post and I’m sure Nakamoto kept in touch with several people. On the forums, however, there seems to be a large gap. No records found in the database until sixth of March 2014, where he pops up again to tell the world he is “not Dorian Nakamoto“. After that, everything went silent again.

Satoshi Nakamoto remains anonymous to the world, and that’s the way he wants it to be. His writings aren’t though, and there’s lots of crypto wisdom to be found in there. I can recommend every cryptocurrency enthusiast to go and take a look. It’s a trip with a time-machine to the very day Bitcoin was started.

If anyone has other records of conversations with Satoshi Nakamoto, you can send them to the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and have them included in the database.

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs

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