The Safinus Platform Is Simplifying Cryptocurrency Investments for the Masses

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The Safinus platform is gearing up for its pre-ICO. Safinus will allow all levels of investors, even individuals who have virtually no experience in the cryptocurrency sector to take part in rewarding, secure, and trusted portfolio’s that are managed by professional traders and funds.

The crazy growth of the cryptoindustry has attracted investors the world over. Yet, there are pressing issues common among many interested parties. Such as the inability to devote a substantial amount of time to market and ICO research, difficulties grasping the technical aspects of trading and investing, as well as the plain old confusion of where to start. After all, there are over a 1 000 cryptocurrencies available on the market.

Scam artists who seek to steal unknowing investor assets are all over this new, yet exciting market. These mischievous individuals get in the way of professional traders and funds attracting new clients whose assets they could manage. All of these factors create obstacles and uncertainty that investors need to hurdle over in order to gain some benefits from participating in the market.

Thankfully, Safinus is here, and ready to provide a platform through which vetted, proven, and trusted traders and cryptofunds can easily connect with investors on a global scale and provide them with financial cryptocurrency portfolio management services. Allowing the industry to flourish on the basis of trust and success, thanks to Blockchain technology.

How does the Safinus platform work?

The Safinus platform allows new investors to connect with cryptofunds, professional traders, and proven investors in seconds.

Individuals or organizations that have a proven and successful trading track record can launch their portfolios on the platform using SAF tokens. They can then set up commissions, fees, joining, and exit conditions for any investors that join their crypto managing portfolio. Portfolio managers also get to enjoy a percentage of the earnings made from each portfolio.

The platform itself generates ratings for each portfolio and sorts them based on these ratings. All of the data on portfolios is of course validated with Blockchain technology.

Investors are presented with all of the portfolios and are at liberty to join any portfolio that they want. As a matter of fact, they are not limited in the amount of portfolios that they can take part in.

Other unique features that Safinus offers.

The platform offers large and serious investors the opportunity to have their funds managed on a personal scale by the best of the best.

New cryptocurrency and ICO tokens will be gradually added to the Safinus platform. However, to protect investors from potential scams, each new addition to the platform will be carefully analyzed and introduced only after a close-knit community has voted it in.  

The platform will also ease the lives of traders by allowing them to conduct their business on multiple leading exchange platforms simultaneously through the in-house universal interface developed by Safinus.

Additionally, the Safinus platform is developing a completely decentralized that will ensure maximum transparency and security for all participants.

SAF tokens and ICO

SAF tokens will be needed for any participant that would like to create a portfolio. Traders must have a minimum balance of no less than 200 SAF tokens which will be used to fulfill all of the platforms payments, fees, and commissions. Safinus plans to introduce its tokens to the most popular exchanges. Thanks to the utility and necessity of using SAF, the demand for tokens will continue to grow, as will the price.

During the Safinus pre-ICO early investors will not only have the chance of acquiring SAF tokens at a rate of 1$ = 1 SAF, but also enjoy discounts as follows:

Day 1 – 0,5 USD (50% discount)

Days 2-6 0,65 USD (35% discount)

Days 7-8 0,8 USD (20% discount)

Therefore, the sooner SAF tokens are bought, the greater the discount provided.

During the main ICO, the token price will also be 1$ = 1SAF, with discount as follows:

Days 1-7  – 0,9 USD (10% discount)

Days 8-29   1 USD (0% discount)

The Hard cap for funds gathered will be 16 000 000 USD.

Funds gathered during the ICO will be used towards filling the buyback fund, liquidity fund, platform development, international marketing for new user acquisitions, legal expenditures.

More detailed information about the Safinus project can be found on our website: and in the Whitepaper:

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