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If you’re not a newbie in the world of cryptocurrencies, someone who has ever tried to trade, or you are a pro-crypto-trader, most likely you have come across various articles about Four, Five, Ten, or even Hundred Tools Every Serious Cryptocurrency Trader Must Use in Their Work.

In 2016-2017, due to markets nature, these were really handy materials, and the screen of the average trader was dazzling with a myriad of tabs. Several exchanges, Coinmarketcap, useful chart-tool, crypto-portfolio, favorite trading-bot, and for example, crypto-panic because no one knows what’s going on – all of this was happening on just one single screen. Add a tab with your favorite show on YouTube to the mix, as well as a messenger window and a couple of social networks, and even Caesar would have been envious of your multitasking skills.  

However, even the number of tools wouldn’t guarantee a profit, but at least it helped to find the balance and optimal solution for advanced analysis and adoption of verified trading decisions. Times change and even old traders need to learn new tricks.

Just within Coinmarketcap alone the number of projects has exceeded two thousand and continues to grow. Besides, the rating of exchanges also doesn’t remain static and professional players have to spend time on registration, verification, and other things anyway. This time can be used for something different. For example, to make money. The idea of a consolidated platform for traders was up in the air, needed and wanted by many. A company called FinSafe seems to be able to grasp the opportunity just in time.

So what exactly Finsafe is? According to the project’s team, FinSafe is merging crypto’s promise with the best financial trading practices, leading to a new phase of crypto market growth. The fact is that a toolbox-like solution, with all the necessary tools integrated into it, makes an entrance to the market. On the one hand, a bit familiar to traders, but on the other – entirely unique.

The platform can offer traders seven essential elements, each having their own unique value proposition. In 2016, perhaps, each of them could be viewed as a separate product, but today it is their combination that allows creating a surprisingly effective tool that will accompany traders at every stage of their work.

FinSafe will help traders to simultaneously deal with most commonly pains, as it includes a licensed crypto broker, trading platform featuring Consolidated Order Book, Smart Order Router, Market Screener, Market News Module, Risk Management Module, and standalone Post-trading Analytics Platform. All within one integrated solution.

The Licensed Crypto Broker helps you quickly and conveniently replenish or withdraw assets from account leveling out all inconvenient moments, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with procedures.  It is a single entry point for registration and verification of a trader. Traders don’t have to run around and register at every exchange, pass lengthy verification processes, deposit funds on each exchange before being able to start their trading activities.

The Trading platform, unlike usual browser solutions, works as a stand-alone professional application with a multi-monitor option (that increases traders’ productivity by drag-n-dropping and cloning windows to several monitors), custom trading layouts, and informative UI augmented with high-quality market visualization. Moreover, the team is considering the possibility of launching a web version of the platform with limited functionality. It is suitable for those who need to conduct operations promptly. For example, while traveling or being away from a workspace.

The Consolidated Orderbook demonstrates the market depth and real-time transactions for improved trading decisions. It enables traders to see the whole market picture and execute orders on all participating exchanges simultaneously

The Smart Order Router executes your trading orders based on the best price across various exchanges.  Also, it can split the order into several once in case there is a currency volume limitation at one exchange, sending additional orders to other exchanges in a split second and automatically.

The Market Screener tracks crypto assets and simplifies daily monitoring of the attractive crypto pairs. Traders can use special filters from our list and then set up a notification when any of the set filters are triggered.

The Market Information Module collects relevant news covering each cryptocurrency from the customer’s portfolio. When the asset a trader is working with gets mentioned in the news, the system immediately displays these articles in all open windows.

And finally, the Post Trading Analytics instrument allows traders to understand the deeper roots of success or failure. It makes analytical reports helping individual trader choose their tactics or change their decisions.

As you can see, FinSafe stands out as a full-fledged trading environment that, what is most important, allows you to have all the instruments at hand, on one screen. It remains only to say so long to multi-tabs, and hello to pro-approach.

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