Safer Skies Are a Worthwhile Investment

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Flight safety in the aviation industry is of critical importance. In the first three months of 2018 alone, 200 people have lost their lives in air accidents in Iran, Russia, Nepal and Turkey. These accidents though are only of larger airplanes with weight over 5700 kg. Unfortunately, there have been many more accidents in private aviation as well. Improving flight safety and making sure that pilots are certified properly and have been trained well is thus of vital importance.

The Aeron project which is based on blockchain technology would address multiple facets of aviation safety. Whether it is flight logging, maintenance or fraud detection, Aeron is working with flight operators, aviation schools, airlines and service companies to make the skies safer.

Aeron Takes Wings

In October 2017, Aeron successfully completed its token sale and since then Aeron (ARN) tokens has been listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. These include some of the biggest names in the industry like Binance, Bit-Z, Coinrail, KuCoin, TIDEX, HitBTC etc, and this enabled perfect liquidity for the ARN utility token. The listing fulfils one of the major promises that the project had made to the investors during the crowd sale. What is even more impressive is that the project has been able to fulfil all major milestones on its published roadmap. Aeron has already released Google and Apple versions of its app for pilot flight logging complete with blockchain recording.

Aeron (ARN) token’s potential use cases

ARN is not simply a token that was useful for fundraising, but it also facilitates the entire aviation ecosystem around it. On the portal this ecosystem can be seen in action. Customers can search for and book flights on private planes (air taxi), locate flight schools and organise travel tours all in one place facilitated by the ARN token. Flight training, which is crucial to aviation safety has been given due importance and flight school offers have been curated carefully on the portal. The unified ecosystem, once fully launched, should allow for pilots to rent planes and find flight schools, for airlines to check on credentials and for maintenance companies to order spare parts. What is perhaps understated but equally important is that the whole aviation industry is being made more accessible to the public through ARN. It is possible now to hire a reasonably economical aircraft and experience the joy of a sightseeing flight for public. All this with a convenient interface and in exchange to some Aeron tokens.

The reliability of a project and its ability to meet the stated targets should be an important factor in picking up a token. Aeron (ARN) has been showcasing its ability to do that until now with great diligence. The token has been well received by investors but as the token total supply is low and the token is available on major exchanges e.g. Binance, traders too can be attracted by price movements inherent in low supply tokens. At the moment of writing of this article, the circulating supply of ARN tokens was 13 million according to As the project makes important headways the token’s utility is likely to increase as well. It is heartening to see though that great progress is being made on other fronts as well. Recently, Phillip McMaster, an advisor to Aeron and its Brand Ambassador met with the Nepalese Minister for Civil Aviation His Excellency Rabindra Adhikari to promote acceptance of Aeron’s solution. The project’s twitter post on that promises that great news are coming. Hopefully, we will be able to have safer skies and the coming years will see a great decline in fatalities related to air accidents, especially in private aviation. This alone makes Aeron a worthy choice.