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January 6, 2014 11:09 PM UTC

Ron Paul Coin

  In the light of CoinyeWest, another major influencer has a virtual currency named after him.  This time the tribute is to Ron Paul.  RonPaulCoin launched on December 29th and already boasts some serious fanfare. This is from Bitcoin Forum from the founder of the…


In the light of CoinyeWest, another major influencer has a virtual currency named after him.  This time the tribute is to Ron Paul.  RonPaulCoin launched on December 29th and already boasts some serious fanfare.

This is from Bitcoin Forum from the founder of the coin, “colinistheman“.

Jan 6, 2014 NEWS UPDATE:
New pools still being added. Keep em’ coming.

Jan 5, 2014 NEWS UPDATE:
I’m back after a 1 day vacation. It seems quite a lot can happen in a day. Catching up on everything. I’m aware of the current difficulty and difficulty adjustment. I will post an official statement on what direction we will be taking, as necessary.

Jan 3, 2014 NEWS UPDATE:


New Forum at:

We’ve definitely left orbit. Over 1.4 GH/s total network hashrate!

My prime interest right now is in getting on exchanges. If everyone who reads this can pick an exchange or two and email them with a request to add RonPaulCoin, then I think we will have it added in short order. If the exchange operators get enough requests they will be forced to add us, if only to stop the flood of requests!

If you have any additional ideas on the promotion of RPC, feel free to execute them. If you then let me know what has been done I can add them to the page or a news update. Also, onaboat (in charge of official RPC twitter) can tweet it.

As a positive note, I installed Google Analytics on the website to see how much traffic we were getting on the FIRST day of the new website design launch. Google Analytics reported 650 visitors in 1 day. I’d say that is pretty good for a start.

Also, we added three new pools: a North American mining pool, a Dutch one and one more. Keep em coming.

Hello crytocoiners!

I’ve created a new altcoin to commemorate Ron Paul. I’d like to make this a group project.

Ron Paul stands for financial freedom and economic transparency. I support Ron Paul to the fullest and I know many of you do too.

There are a lot of coins out there that have a ridiculously high total coin count (hundreds of millions or even billions). Scarcity creates value, not abundance. RonPaulCoin is built on this quality of scarcity, like gold, which Ron Paul so commonly speaks in support of. Because of this, RPC has 1/10th of the total coin supply that Bitcoin will ever have.

Notice the correlation between total coin supply and price per coin:

RonPaulCoin 2,100,000 $???? per coin
Bitcoin 21,000,000 $730 per coin
Litecoin 82,000,000 $23 per coin
Feathercoin 336,000,000 $0.34 per coin

Ron Paul (the man) is already likening to the idea in his recent video interviews and is showing an ever-increasing understanding of cryptographic technology. Perhaps some day Ron Paul will hear of the fact that he has his own coin– He would most likely mention it and this would serve to promote Bitcoin even further.

If you are willing to help, please contact me. Let’s make this a group activity in the name of Ron Paul. We need pool operators, miners and promoters. If you would like to team up, let me know what you have to bring to the table.

RonPaulCoin (RPC) Is…

  • Scrypt-based (off the latest litecoin source code) and ASIC-resistant.
  • 2,100,000 total coins (to make it rare like gold which Ron Paul is a big supporter of)
  • 1 coin per block for first 4 years. Halving reward every 4 years thereafter.
  • 2 minutes per block.
  • Difficulty retarget time is 1 day.
  • Like gold. RPC is rare.
  • ZERO pre-mining. This is a true holder-of-value coin.
  • This is not a pump-n-dump coin. It is too rare to pump and you’d be silly to dump it for that same reason.

What I’ve done

  • Created Source. Download here: Link #1, Link #2, Link #3
  • Created a RonPaulCoin-QT Windows client as well as the daemon. Download here: Link #1, Link #2, Link #3
  • Logo & Graphics Design
  • Website: (in progress)

What is needed

  • More mining pools
  • Permanent Blockchain seeders
  • Getting on exchanges (,,, etc)
  • And of course, miners

I personally promise to hold the value of any RPC I mine for at least 5 years and I will not sell before this point. I encourage you all to do the same. This will contribute to a scarce coin with a high value.

Let me know what you can do to contribute to RonPaulCoin. I really think this is a great gesture to Ron Paul himself.

Getting Started: (For Windows)

1. Download the Windows QT Wallet/daemon client (or compile your own with the source above). Download here: Link #1, Link #2, Link #3
2. Start up RonPaulCoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit.
3. IMPORTANT STEP: Download the ronpaulcoin.conf file which contains a list of active nodes and put it in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/AppData/Roaming/RonPaulCoin. If you don’t do this step you will have a wallet that doesn’t connect to any other nodes.
4. Restart ronpaulcoin-qt, and you should connect and you will now sync to other nodes.
5. Create some wallets
6. Go on to mine some RPC! (see below)

Mining Pools: (Forget CPU mining, GPUs are the way!)  –  Dedicated U.S. Enterprise Server, DDOS protected, SSL, Raffles/Prizes, Huge Active pool community forums/chat,  2% fee,  0.0001 withdrawal fee. Thanks ajax3592.  –  1% fees and 0.0001 withdrawal fee. Server is located in France. 8 core, 24 gb ram, 2x250ssd hdd. Thanks to Empty42.  –  Dutch Situated Server, FANATICAL support, 1% fee, 0.0001 withdrawal fee, PPLNS shares. Thank you myrinx.  –  North American mining pool. 0.5% fees and 0.0001 RPC for withdrawal. Thank you ctenc001.  –  Withdrawal fees set to 0. Thanks, ahmed_bodi.  –  32gb ram, SSD. Proportional Payout, Stratum, Fixed Difficulty(64 at start), 1% Fee. Located in France. Thanks Kanamatras.  –  VPS with 2 xeon cores and 4gb ram, 1gbit connection. Located in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. Low fees: 0.5% fees. 0.0001 RPC withdrawal fee. The very first RPC mining pool. Thanks Dajackal  –  Dynamic stratum, 1.5% pool fee. Thanks Heli42.

Block Explorers:

Social Sites:  –  Thanks JamesBolivar – Thanks boomerjackson – Thanks onaboat

FORUM:  – Thanks ctenc001

IRC Channel
( ##ronpaulcoin on freenode )  (note the double hash sign in channel name)

RonPaulCoin Exchanges:  –  The first exchange to officially trade RPC/BTC   –

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