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Romanians Can Buy Bitcoin at over 800 ZebraPay Payment Terminals

Last Updated April 27, 2023 4:57 AM
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Last Updated April 27, 2023 4:57 AM
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a woman in a fur hat using a atm machineSome 20 million Romanians received a huge win this past week. Bitcoin Romania has teamed up  with ZebraPay to allow users around the country to buy Bitcoin at over 800 ZebraPay Payment Terminals. Europe has been a hotbed of Bitcoin activity for years. The recent 2014 Bitcoin Foundation Bitcoin Conference was held in Amsterdam, instead of an American city, and Europe’s central banks have, for the most part, stayed clear of overbearing legislation that could stifle Bitcoin adoption.

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The Payment terminals use the Canadian Bitcoin exchange Cointrader.net  to actually purchase the bitcoins with fiat currency. There is a 4% fee to buy bitcoins; despite this non-negligible fee, over 7.2 BTC was bought from ZebraPay terminals in the last few days alone.

ZebraPay Brings Bitcoin to Romanians

Bitcoin Romania works with ZebraPay as a vendor on the country-wide terminal network, alongside other popular payments systems such as UKash. Romanians that use the terminals actually have the ability to use a wallet shortener to create an alias for their Bitcoin wallet address. In this way, Romania is now wired to provide fiat to Bitcoin services to both newcomers and weathered veterans of the Bitcoin industry. ZebraPay hopes to expand its acceptance and use of Bitcoin by the end of the year. They will eventually add Bitcoin as a payment option for some of the services that Romanians use terminals for on a daily basis. Outside of America, many communities go to local stores, kiosks, or terminals for their financial services when banks are not available. It is possible to pay for your utility bills, your phone bills, your internet charges, and even tickets and fines “online.” ZebraPay terminals are located in 160 different Romanian cities and the company plans to have over 1,000 terminals around the country by the end of next year.

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