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Is Robert Pattinson Ready to Be Hollywood’s Next ‘It’ Man?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Hannah Wigandt
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • Robert Pattinson had a tough time during “Twilight.”
  • He’s going to be the next Batman, but some fans think he’ll be the ‘Twilight Batman.’
  • He could be cast in another franchise, Star Wars, and we think he’s ready for it.

Robert Pattinson is no longer Edward Cullen.

It’s taken years for the actor to shed his teen-idol status, but his casting in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” has made fans question whether he could pull it off.

So far, he’s been proving that he’s ready for more significant roles and in a couple of different franchises to boot.

‘Twilight’ Shot Robert Pattinson To Fame, But It Might Not Have Been The Greatest Decision

Pattinson started in the theatre world but was told he was too shy. He knew he could be a great actor, though, and tried hard to get roles he loved and knew he’d be able to play.

After “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” which earned him the title of “the next Jude Law,” he struggled with finding roles and pretty much jumped on “Twilight,”  despite not being too happy about it.

As the overwhelming fame came, Pattinson grew to dislike the character more as time went on, and almost got fired because he didn’t care about it. His controversial relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart didn’t make things any easier.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson is all grown up. | Source: Twitter 

With all of the things Pattinson has said about his time in “Twilight” and how the fame was often scary, it’s no wonder that he isn’t much of a fan of long commitments and multiple movies. Well, until he found the right character.

Being Cast In ‘The Batman’ Got Him Mixed Reviews.

Pattinson got an equal amount of positive and negative reviews about his Batman role. People wanted to give him a chance, and but many were ready to dub him the ‘Twilight Batman.’

Was he ready to take on such a serious, beloved character as Batman?

But after “Twilight,” Pattinson did make serious films; they just weren’t commercially successful. He likes playing smaller roles in smaller films, but then why choose Batman?

It likely comes down to the fact that Pattinson believed he could do it.

Is He Ready For Batman And Even The Galaxy Far Far Away?

Since “Twilight,” Pattinson has grown as an actor. He explained to IndieWire that when he first started acting, he would have to write down tons of notes about his character , but now he’s trusting his instincts more.

When I first started acting I needed to know the psychological profiles of my characters very, very intimately. And then I realized that as soon as I try and do something where I feel like I’ve got any kind of understanding of it, it’s just a disaster. As soon as I have a set plan, it will just go wrong. Trying to almost purely rely on intuition is better. It’s easier for me to just guess, basically. I used to have scripts which were covered in notes, and now I have nothing. At all. Pretty much ever.

If he’s had successes with “The Lighthouse” and “High Life,” we should probably trust his judgment that he could become the next Batman. Fans are even starting to agree:

Robert Pattinson
Fans are coming around to Pattinson’s Batman. | Source: Twitter 

Pattinson has worked hard over the years. Since earning Batman, he’s landed great roles in “Tenet,” “The Devil All the Time,” and could even be cast in Kevin Feige’s new Star War film. Feige apparently admires Pattinson’s work  as a committed actor, along with Pattinson’s director in “High Life,” Claire Denis, who’s said Pattinson is: 

just the sort of actor I love because he is like a man with another man inside himself, craving for something.

Who better to play someone within someone than Robert Pattinson? Right now, the production of “The Batman” has halted due to his COVID-19 diagnosis, but Pattinson should be back in full form in no time and giving us more of what we liked in the film’s trailer.

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