“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” Screening at Chicago’s North American Bitcoin Conference

Clay Michael Gillespie @thelivingaspect
July 14, 2014

The second North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) is being hosted at McCormick Place in Chicago on July 19 and 20, and there’s an incredible lineup of speakers and events. This year has had two major successes in the Bitcoin conference sector with the European Bitcoin Convention and the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, and TNABC in Chicago is looking to have yet another highly successful event.

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“We could not be more excited or proud to host the second annual North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago, a city renowned around the world for being a hub for business, finance and technology,” said TNABC organizer Moe Levin.

This year TNABC will host a slew of huge names in Bitcoin, as well as a few from outside Bitcoin, to speak in front of the audience. The lineup is exciting as well as unprecedented in Bitcoin’s history. Great minds all speaking at the same conference is a move that looks to show that Bitcoin is truly stepping into the intellectual limelight. A small sample of the list of speakers includes:

  • Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum
  • Tony Gallippi, BitPay
  • Jeff Garzik, BitPay
  • Jered Kenna, Tradehill
  • Charlie Lee, Litecoin
  • Early Bitcoin thought leader Trace Mayer
  • Patrick Murck, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Brock Pierce, Bitcoin Foundation
  • Michael Terpin, BitAngels
  • Jeffrey Tucker, Liberty.me
  • Roger Ver, Memory Dealers

“It’s impossible to point to just one thing as being the most exciting aspect. We’re expecting a record number of attendees from around the world, as well as from a wider range of fields and professions than ever before. Our speakers include people from both the economic and the philosophic sides of Bitcoin. And our panels cover the gamut from Students in Bitcoin to the intricacies of laws and regulations,” Levin said.

To kick off the whole event, TNABC is hosting a kickoff party at Chicago’s famous House of Blues on July 18, 2014. At the party, a special second-ever screening of “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” will be showcased. This documentary by Nicholas Mross covers the beginning of Bitcoin and how it has developed and evolved in the public eye over the last five years.

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” delves into the Bitcoin culture and gives the viewer an inside look at prominent figureheads, along with their opinions, as they explore everything Bitcoin. This film was an official selection at the Tribeca Film festival, and Nicholas Mross will, in fact, be in attendance at the House of Blues.

Not only will everybody get a chance to catch the documentary, but there will also be a concert inside the House of Blues. Hosting this party at the House of Blues allows for some mainstream exposure into Chicago’s rich culture as Bitcoin enters the second half of the “Year of the Merchant.” Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the screening of “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” begins at 7:30 p.m.

“We continue to keep our focus on making our conferences the best opportunities to not only network with peers, but also make important new connections and gain exposure to cutting-edge projects and concepts,” Levin added. “As with our Miami conference, we’re again expecting some big news to break in Chicago, but you’ll have to attend to find out first!”

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Clay Michael Gillespie @thelivingaspect

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