A Very RICH Token Sale with a Lot of Promise


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This year has been very intense in the world of Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and Token Sales. People have been investing in projects hoping to make it rich once the tokens they invest in are listed on exchanges and projects are developed further.

The meteoric gains in the prices of Ethereum and Ripple amongst others have led to this investing frenzy where users invest their Bitcoin or AltCoins for exchange of a new token. The benefit for early investors is they receive an increased amount of tokens/coins in return for their coins and therefore usually hold a strong position once the tokens are exchangeable.

The RICH coin is a transparent token with a clear objective. The purpose of the RICH Coin is to make you rich. This is a one of a kind token that is designed for no other purpose and they believe is the most transparent ICO token sale to date! There will be a fixed supply of only 18million Tokens to ever exist. They believe you are more likely to get rich by owning these tokens than many of the other altcoins/tokens out there that promise returns based on untested business models.

The interesting thing is it does not seem to be a get rich quick scheme and there is actual real work proposed to get there. They believe the limited supply will attract investors who will receive a 30% bonus for investing in the first week which would mean 1 ETH would give back 975 RICH Tokens. Now with their simple reasoning behind the limited supply they are focusing on building an API which will increase demand and are also proposing a digital goods marketplace which is where things could really take off. 

The digital goods marketplace is very understated but they will reveal a full plan of action with development timescales and updates if the goal is reached and seems promising.

An interesting project which seems straight to the point and is potentially worth investing some ETH, you never know it might make you a good return!

Visit the live token sale at richcoin.tech to find out more.

Please note this article is not investment advice.

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