Review: Zeusminer Thunder X6 NX Gen Scrypt ASIC Miner

July 28, 2014 07:39 UTC
Review: Zeusminer Thunder X6 NX Gen Scrypt ASIC Miner

Zeusminer has been hard at work making miners for itself as well as being the OEM manufacturer for many others. While this has kept them busy, they have also worked on getting ready to launch their NX Gen X6 miners. Zeusminers sent me over a Thunder X6 to review, and it has been fun with some interesting findings.
Zeusminers X6 NX Gen miners use more chips at a lower voltage and clock to achieve a better power consumption profile per mh/s. As you can see from the specifications below, a new lower power consumption is better and still gets a solid 18 mh/s to 20 mh/s from 450 watts. I was getting between 435 watts to 447 watts at the wall with normal clock speed of 280.


  • 18-20Mh/s Hashrate
  • 450W Power Consumption Note: 500W modular 80PLUS Gold or Platinum PSU recommended and not included
  • -6/8 pin PCI-E 12V input
  • 437*247*183mm, 20 lbs


Thunder X6 Power Connection Next To PSU Cable

The Thunder X6 arrived fast and safe. With the Thunder X6 weighing in at just under 20 lbs, it is a hefty unit. It is the same size as the GAWMiners Falcon and uses the same case design. The three fans pull air in over the heat sinks. Negative pressure to draw cool air over the heat sinks is the optimum arrangement for cooling in these cases and, keeps an even flow of air going over the heat sinks. All is not without kinks though. The Thunder X6 shipped with the incorrect gender PSU connections internally. The incorrect gender means they will not allow your PSU cables to plug right into the miner. Zeusminers is fixing the problem. In the meantime, you can get gender changers from Cablez; he makes them with 16 awg wire, so they do not overheat and melt under steady load. He is a trusted member of the Cryptocurrency community, and I regularly get cables and adapters from him for different miners and projects. Zeusminer does try and make sure adapters are included in with the miners but if you get one that did not include them, please get a safe adapter no matter where you get them from.

I connected an EVGA 850 watt Supernova Gold PSU to the miner for the review. The EVGA allowed me plenty of overhead to push the miner for an OC test, as well as default settings. I also tested it with a Corsair 650 watt Gold PSU at stock settings. Both worked perfectly.

Zeusminer Setup Screen nocheck-golden and ltc-debug enabled


The Thunder X6 using a different number of chips from the initial line from Zeusminer presents a bit more care in setting it up than normal. For this review, I tried Minera and MinePeon before settling on Zeusminer’s own Raspberry Pi image. All of them worked fine, but I got a lower error rate using the Zeusminer image. Minera was a close 2nd and MinePeon using the newest version BFGMiner was third. They were all close those. You need to make sure that no matter what image you use that nocheck-golden and ltc-debug are enabled.

In your setup, you need to make sure of a couple more items. The chip count needs to be 128 while using the freq of 280. Some of the mining software programs detected it as a 96-chip miner and pushed the freq to 328 which caused nearly 75% error rate. In the Zeusminer image, I was able manually to enter in freq of 280 and set the chip count to 128. I ran the Thunder X6 on Clevermining and On both pools, the Thunder X6 ran at 18 to 19-mh/s stable with an error rate that was under 1% on

Thunder X6 Blade and Chips

Litecoinpool and just over 2% on Clevermining. I am still working with the difficulty settings to try and dial both pools in more closely. 512 seems to work great on Litecoinpool while on Clevermining 1024 for difficulty setting gives me the lowest error rate so far. Different pools especially multipools tend to give lower overall speed results and higher error rates which has been something that is common due to the coin switching going on.

The Thunder X6 performs well. It is as loud as the Falcon, but that is to be expected with the 3 fans pulling at full speed. I have not tried switching them out with lower DB fans that pull the same CFM yet though so it may be able to be quieted down a bit without losing cooling performance.

Even while adding 32 more chips than the Thunder X3 it cuts in half the power consumption and only loses under 1/3 of the speed. The change is a comfortable tradeoff in my opinion. The Thunder X6 is a fun Scrypt ASIC miner to use. With so many software packages out there to mine with that support the X6, you can try several to see what works best for you.

The Thunder X6 being in the same case as the Thunder X3 and Falcon makes it easy to stack and integrate into your existing Zeusminer setups.


I do recommend the Thunder X6 as power savings is always a huge goal no matter how much performance you can squeeze out of a miner, you always want to be able to afford to run it. With ROI (Return On Investment) being key lowering the power bill helps achieve it a bit faster.

Zeusminer has been working hard on improving its customer service as well. As a reader stated in my previous Zeusminer article that there are still some gaps to close. Sara from Zeusminer assured me that Terry is working hard to make it, so there are fewer problems in the customer service area as well. Getting customer service up to speed will bring into sync the great hardware and the customer support facets of Zeusminer.

The Thunder X6 is shipping very quickly, and Zeusminer has shipped miners to 77 countries on five continents worldwide now. A great start for a company that just started shipping a few weeks ago. Their NX Gen has shown me they are learning and not standing still. I look forward to seeing more from them as they never fail to keep moving forward.

Review: Zeusminer Thunder X6 NX Gen Scrypt ASIC Miner
Thunder X6 Power Connection Next To PSU Cable
Thunder X6 Blade and Chips
Zeusminer Setup Screen nocheck-golden and ltc-debug enabled
Thunder X6
Thunder X6 Dual Blades 128 Chips

Disclosure: Zeusminer sent me a Thunder X6 to review.

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