Review: The Yiazo YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard Using the YBF14S-H Bitfury Miner Board

Scott Fargo @TalonTech1
July 11, 2014
The Yiazo YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard Using the YBF14S-H Bitfury Miner Board

The mining industry is rapidly developing, and new manufacturers are working hard to bring their miners to market. One of the newest manufacturers is Yiazo. They have developed a new Blade Setup and controller board using Bitfury Rev 2 ASIC Miner chips. They are offered at a solid price point, and I was able to afford to buy a kit to review. The shipping gods graced me yet again with another non-beaten-up package and fast delivery all the way from the Netherlands.

The specs are nice, and it is the controller board that truly makes this miner combination shine.


YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard Controller

NXP LPC1758 Cortex-M3 Microcontroller
Power connectors
2 PCI-E 6-pin power connector (12V)
2-Screw terminal (1x 12V, 1x GND)
2 Molex (wire-to-board) 3-pin male (12V power for Fan)
Communication connectors
10 PCI(36) Express slots (for YBF14S-H board)
1 RJ45 Ethernet port 100Mbps
1 Molex (wire-to-board) 3-pin male (for RS-232)
LED indicators, 12V OK (green), 3V3 OK (green), Nonce found (red), Nonce found accepted (green)
The YBF-M also has a reset button and 4 mounting holes

Yiazo Controll Page and Infographic

YBF14S-H Bitfury mining board

14 Bitfury Rev 2 ASIC Miner chips at 3.85GH/s per chip
Power consumption as low as 0.45J/GH
The H-board only consumed around 20W at 12V inputs.
Hashrate of the YBF14S-H board is 30 up to 38GH/s at 12V depending on cooling.
Innovative holes behind the Bitfury Chips on the miner board allow for better cooling.

You need a YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard to power the YBF14S-H ASIC mine board. The setup is the same as the old 10-gh/s blade setups that were widely used last year. The big difference is the YBF-M Mainboard has a built in controller and ethernet connection. The addition means if you populate all ten slots you still only need one ethernet connection not the one per ASIC board as has been required in the past. The controller has its own built in mining software and controller. No trying to find or compile a compatible software package.

The control panel is web based, so you simply find its IP address on your router or with angryIP or some IP scanner and enter it into your browser window. The miner window pops up, and you can easily add your pools and see the information on each attached ASIC mining card installed. There is a simple firmware upgrade tab as well as a reset option to go along with the hardware switch for a reset if needed.

The dimensions for the YBF14S-H are small 13.5 x 11-cm meaning a fully loaded controller board takes up very little space and is not a snake’s nest of wires like the original blade setups. With roughly 20w per board, a loaded controller will clock in at 200w to 300w depending on how fast the individual boards are running and what type of fans are connected as well.

YBF14S-H Bitfury Mining Board

I can see these being perfect for the data tank immersion cooling setups I have been reading about lately. Setup is easy, and management of them through the software is a snap at 10 boards per one controller.


I was able to ask some questions of Yiazo’s own Patrick of the Netherlands were we have seen so many other new miners come from like the OneString Miner and Noncetech. He did let me know that this was also another innovation by Intron and C-Scape who are brilliant hardware developers in the ASIC world.

Could you tell me your companies name and about your company such as how and why you started it?

Yiazo is the name of our company, officially registered in April 2014 as a private company. In 2012, a colleague told me about Bitcoin I did like it right away. I mined with an FPGA, USB Block Erupters and later with Bitfury based miners. In November 2013, I told (my current business partner) Hans about Bitcoin he was very interested and together we had some ideas about developing products and services regarding Bitcoin and other crypto coins. We wanted to start a company that people can trust and keeps its promises.

Being a new manufacturer what are the challenges you have had getting to market and what are the advantages you have over the competition?

We saw several companies started selling pre-orders miners and did not deliver as promised. That is not the right way to do business and treat your customers we believe. We choose for no pre-orders, only selling in stock products. Simple design, efficient, easy to use and a fair price for quality. In May 2014 we got in contact with two well known bitcoin miner designers, Intron and C-Scape, and they designed a miner for us based on the Bitfury Rev 2 ASIC chip. The challenge was to get the Bitfury Chips and find a manufacturer for the PCBs and assembly. We choose to do production in the Netherlands, not in China and found a company that could assemble the miners for a competitive price. We has some small delays regarding delivery of the other components on the boards and had to make several small adjustments after testing the first prototypes. On June 10th our fist batch of boards were ready, and sales started.

Our main advantages over the competition are that we deliver as promised and on time. Our miner is very efficient and easy to setup and control. You can choose you own power supply and fans for cooling, to make as efficient and/or low noise as possible. Our goal is to make and keep our customers satisfied and will provide great service and support. is their official website.

How has Bitcoin changed your life?

We believe Bitcoin is the future and will give freedom to people regarding paying for products or services all around the world. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are a great platform on which we can build great services and products without the needs of Banks. The biggest and greatest change is we can have a business and start a trusted relationship with our customers, providing great products and services without the need of third parties as banks or other payment processors which will only slow down the payment process and add extra costs for both sides (seller and buyer).

What are your plans for your company and products that you are ready to speak about now?

Our future plan is to design an extreme energy efficient miner, maybe even design our own chip for it. For the near future we are working on a web-based service to make bitcoin-transfers between a seller and the buyer more easy, reliable and safe.

Do you have anything specific you would like to say to everyone?

We hope that people will give smaller companies a change and will see the benefits they (and their products and services) have. Bigger isn’t always better.


Yiazo Blade, Fan and Controller

The Yiazo Miner Controller and Blades are a great setup that I can see so many applications and installations using. The ease of use makes them perfect for the beginner, and that same ease of use makes them scaling into larger mining setups easily. Yiazo delivers in hand miners another great plus in my book as miners in hand mean coins coming in. There are no real downsides with the Yiazo setup. You can mount it in several ways and go with various cooling solutions. The price is a bit higher than buying from a larger company, but I think the great controller and active development and updates for it are worth the extra costs. The performance that is pushed out in relation to power usage is also a bit plus. As Yiazo grows and gets, more volume prices should come down as with other startup manufacturers.
I recommend Yiazo miners to everyone. I love the evolution of the blade design to a single controller instead of each Blade needing an ethernet connection. With the software Yiazo is using, I can see them scaling it up even to run more cards from one ethernet connection. The Yiazo is the first miner I decided to setup when I got home from my spinal surgery a few days ago. I am glad I did. So simple and small with big power it is a pleasure to setup and use. Patrick responds quickly to questions. The single bug that I found and reported was met with promises of an upcoming firmware upgrade. The issue was resolved for me and I was back up and running within 5 minutes. Overall, this is a solid entry into the Bitcoin/SHA-256 miner world.

YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard
The Yiazo YBF-M Bitfury Mining Mainboard Using the YBF14S-H Bitfury Miner Board
Yiazo Controll Page and Infographic
Yiazo Blade, Fan and Controller
YBF14S-H Bitfury Mining Board
Yiazo 3
Yiazo 10
Yiazo 9
Yiazo 4

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