Review: Rockminer R-Box 100 Bringing and Teaching Mining to More People

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October 20, 2014 10:52 AM UTC
New R-Box 100 x2

Rockminer started it’s first release of the R-Box a few months ago with a 32 gh/s unit. They quickly grew from there up to the current 800 gh/s T1 Bitcoin ASIC Miner.

Rockminer has not lost sight of their vision though which is to bring mining to more people, get them involved and boost the hash rate around the globe. They recently came out with the New R-Box 100 which is by no means the fastest miner on the market, but it is a move to get mining into more hands. The New R-Box is a 100 to 110 gh/s miner. The New R-Box is one that is simple to use, small and quiet, sure to appeal to people new to mining. The New R-Box will also appeal to those who have been mining for a long time but want to have one of everything.

Specifications: Rockminer New R-Box 100
Chips: 12 x ASICMiner Gen3
Hashrate: 100-110 gh/s
Fans: 2 x 80mm
Power Usage: 112W
Size: 5.5 lbs

One of the first things you will notice with the R-Box 100 is how small it is at just over the size of a hardcover book. The size is good as it makes for cheaper shipping than the bigger beasts out there. The New R-Box as it says on the case is packaged in a snug rubberized foam box. The packaging is a good thing as the shipping gods had three chances to damage the R-Box. The first R-Box was shipped from Rockminer’s US partner in Denver. The shipping box was beaten up quite badly; the R-Box’s packing kept it from being damaged. Another R-Box was shipped from Crazy Guy of ASIC Puppy in Texas. This box was also damaged heavily, and yet the protective foam did its job. No damage to the R-Box. The final R-Box was given directly to me by Alex of Rockminer at the Las Vegas Inside Bitcoins conference. Here is where I was worried it would get messed up in the luggage on the way back to NY. This time it endured a TSA inspection as well. All the R-Boxes worked perfectly with no damage.

R-Box 100 Dashboard Freq Set to 320

The R-Box comes with a PICe connector you can hook to a breakout board, or you can connect it directly to the PSU. The R-Box also uses a mini USB connection and quickly connects to your PC or RPi. Rockminer has their custom RPi image you can use, or the R-Box is also compatible with Minera with the newest cgminer. On the PC side use, both BFGMiner and cgminer are compatible. Make sure to run the R-Box at a freq of 320 to get the best results. On a freq of 320, each R-Box would achieve 108 to 116 gh/s poolside at BTCGuild. Hash rate is lower by about 15% on NastyPool P2Pool. The lowered hash rate seems to be the ASICMiner chip itself as the hash rate was the same both on windows with BFGMiner and cgminer as well as on the custom RPi image from Rockminer.

The R-Box stayed very cool using only 112 watts at the wall and cooled by the dual 80mm fans. Unlike the first R-Box that was a small square heat sink and open fan design the New R-Box has a full aluminum case with fan grills to keep stray fingers out. The new design makes it easier for stacking or side by side setup. The original R-Box was not easily stacked. There are even new brackets made by MStrongbow to allow them to be zip tied together for more stability. MStrongbow also created the Black Arrow breakout board cover that protects your fingers from accidental electric shocks.

The R-Box runs very quietly with the noise coming from the air being pulled over the heatsinks. The New R-Box 100 is an excellent miner and as per Rockminer’s intention is a great starter miner. Rockminer uses their R-Boxes to teach people mining and get them involved without having to make a huge investment. The New R-Box 100 is a solid entrant and fun to use. The R-Box is an excellent miner.

R-Box 100 Connections and Lights

CCN had a chance to speak to Alex of Rockminer in Las Vegas at the Inside Bitcoins conference where they had a booth setup.

The R-Box 100 is a new way to help bring mining to new people and into people’s homes as you said. Can you let CCN know more about Rockminer’s goals with it beyond that?

Alex: It’s also the company strategy, the miners price war fighting for months already. RockMiner needs to think about development, so we continue to produce small miners for our “Mining for Everyone Plan”, and focus our energy to new solution research and so on.

The Mining Everyone Project: how has that been going so far?

Alex: There are two indexes to evaluate the project, one is the small products RBOX and NEW RBOX. RBOX sold out months ago; people’s feedback is very good, people need time to accept NEW RBOX. The other is the R60 and R100 plan, two of those plans not running as we expected.

Rockminers growth has been fast and the evolution of your miners as well. Can you talk about how it all has been for you?

Alex: We need to thank all the people who help us directly or indirectly.We did IPO in March, lots of people invested in us and pushed ROCKMINER successful on designing, producing and selling. Our team is amazing; all of those guys are crazy in working, we will keep our eyes on the miners but also on other opportunities.We are talking to someones for building more miners.

The New R-Box 100

As on CCN recently Rockminer signed a partnership with ZeusMiner to help build their SHA-256 component to their cloud mining data center. Rockminer is also hard at work on their next set of miners.

Alex was also telling CCN in Las Vegas that they are working on trying some new designs with a different manufacturers chips. Not just one either.

When speaking in person with Alex, he has a very real passion for this industry and the people in it. The team from Rockminer was just the same. Like so many people, they believe in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies and want to see them grow and know that they will be a success. They like being part of the world wide family that has grown around and within Bitcoin. Alex has a great insight and one statement stuck out the most.

Alex: The price of bitcoin is not good now, but good news comes to our ears very frequently, so this industry will grow more and more mature. Government attitudes are still one of the key components for Bitcoin, what they need to do is not control or forbid but service, supply laws, regulations and so on. When this industry is strong, the real value of bitcoin will be accepted by governments!!!

Sage words when here in the US we have the NYDFS proposal and other restrictive laws in the works that do not help, but hinder Bitcoin as a whole.

The New R-Box 100 is a fitting next step in their intro miner development and distribution. With continuing work on larger and faster miners, as well as their data centers and deals with ZeusMiner, it is great to see that they don’t forget the small miner. The New R-Box is a great buy and a stable miner that might not be the fastest, but it is fun.

Tell us at CCN what you think below in our comments section.  Also email to suggest miners to review.

R-Box 100 Connections and Lights
The New R-Box
R-Box 100 Dashboard Freq Set to 320
New R-Box 100 x2
The New R-Box 100
PCIe Breakout Board Cable and Mini-USB Cable
R-Box 100
Black Arrow Breakout Board, Running 4 R-Box 100's

Disclosure: The New R-Box 100’s were provided free of charge so CCN could review them.

Images from Rockminer.

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