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Revealed: Nancy Pelosi’s Leaked Pandemic Stimulus Bill Holds Americans Hostage

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
Laura Hoy
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • Nancy Pelosi claimed she was working for the people, but a leaked copy of her coronavirus stimulus bill shows she’s using the crisis to power-grab.
  • Among other things, she asks for early voter registration and more union rights.
  • The bill drawn up by the Democrats is a shameful abuse of power in a time of crisis.

It was a contentious Monday in Washington as Democrats insisted that the coronavirus stimulus bill drafted in the Senate unfairly favored large corporations.

Republican lawmakers were outraged when Nancy Pelosi torpedoed what was largely considered to be a bipartisan effort to save the American economy. But Democrats insisted their efforts were ‘courageous’ and driven by the needs of the people. 

Nancy Pelosi Holds Americans Hostage

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed she was drawing up her own bill for the good of the people. She dismissed claims that she was using the crisis as an opportunity and many believed her. After all, it was her word against her opponents’ as the content of her bill wasn’t public knowledge.

Pelosi knew that Americans would have no idea what kinds of demands she’d included and that when Republicans refuted it she could point the finger at them for holding the public hostage. 

Nancy pelosi, coronavirus stimulus
Nancy Pelosi can no longer hide behind claims she is supporting the American People now that her bill is public knowledge| Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP

On Monday night, a leaked document of Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus stimulus revealed her true colors. Despite Democrat lawmakers consistently saying they were concerned about small businesses and families, the document shows their bill is packed full of unrelated initiatives. 

coronavirus stimulus, Nancy Pelosi
The leaked Coronavirus Bill exposes how far Democrats are willing to go to get their way |Source: Twitter 

The bill shows that Pelosi the Democrats are unbothered by the time-sensitive nature of this bill. The coronavirus stimulus package will dole out much-needed funding to hospitals, small businesses and US workers who desperately need it. Adding in unrelated, hotly debated issues like same-day voter registration is certain to prolong the process.

It should come as no surprise that Pelosi doesn’t respect how urgently Americans need this stimulus package— she said as much earlier this week. Her attitude indicates that she’s willing to delay the bill for as long as it takes to get what the Democrats want.

Pelosi’s Bill Assumes Voters Don’t Understand

Nancy Pelosi’s stimulus proposal also assumes democrat voters aren’t smart enough to understand what she’s doing. The Democrats claim their worry about the initial stimulus bill drafted in the Senate was corporate bailout restrictions. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer described the bill  as a “large corporate bailout with no protections for workers and virtually no oversight.” 

democrat, Nancy Pelosi, coronavirus stimulus
Nancy Pelosi’s power grab stunt likely lost the democrats votes in November |Source: Twitter 

Fair enough. But in Pelosi’s revised version that amendment is only a tiny footnote. She does call for restrictions on executive compensation, stock buybacks and dividends, which makes sense. Corporations that take federal loans should be held accountable. But that provision is one of several totally unrelated demands. 

Pelosi’s Pathetic Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Revealed

Here’s a look at some of the absurd issues she believes are worth considering in this time of crisis:

  • Requiring states to allow early voting and same-day voter registration. These have long been on democrats’ wishlists. But if hospitals don’t get the support they need, many of us may not make it to November so perhaps this isn’t the time to fight that battle.
  • Corporate restrictions that have nothing to do with the coronavirus federal loans. That’s right, Democrats are using this opportunity to make sweeping changes to the way US businesses operate. They’re asking for pay equity, corporate board diversity and more rights for unions— again, a worthwhile cause, but probably isn’t top of mind for Americans right now.
  • Green initiatives. People on both sides of the aisle agree that climate change is an important issue, but the coronavirus bill isn’t the place for it. Pelosi’s version asks airlines to offset carbon emissions and disclose greenhouse gas information. Before we start adding to regulations, we probably need to make sure the industry isn’t going to collapse completely.
  • Totally unrelated industry development. The bill bails out the post office, it asks for funding for community journalism and proposes expanding minority banks. None of this is urgent and none of it has anything to do with coronavirus.

Nancy Pelosi’s Power Grab Will Backfire

Whether or not democrat voters support those initiatives, most are likely to agree that now isn’t the time to debate them. Americans are asking for political unity to fight a common enemy, the coronavirus. Love them or hate them, the Republicans have offered that with a streamlined bailout that doesn’t include the usual pork fat that lawmakers debate over. 

Debating the content of the stimulus and whether it needs to be amended is understandable, that’s what the US government was made for. But using a crisis to jam policy initiatives down Americans’ throats is unthinkable. 

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