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February 28, 2014 2:02 PM UTC

Repeatedly Demonized, Seldom Understood; Bitcoin’s Move Forward

The impetus for my writing this comes from ThinkProgress' recent article on Bitcoin. In the article, TP's Senior Editor Annie-Rose Strasser writes a pathetically uninformed and disgracefully ignorant 'argument' against Bitcoin, calling it "the hacker-project-cum-digital-currency." She then continued to equate the bitcoin community to male…

The impetus for my writing this comes from ThinkProgress’ recent article on Bitcoin.

In the article, TP’s Senior Editor Annie-Rose Strasser writes a pathetically uninformed and disgracefully ignorant ‘argument’ against Bitcoin, calling it “the hacker-project-cum-digital-currency.” She then continued to equate the bitcoin community to male libertarians, which I assure you it is not so simply stated, by pulling up stats on American libertarians and outdated (starting February 2013, even before Cyprus) & statistically biased survey results, while citing forum posts by similarly ignorant users.

In the end, it’s just one blubbering article that shows just how off the target she is; thinking you have to buy whole bitcoins, or understand higher cryptography and computer science – which she simplifies as a thing only white men could do. To add to her brutal arrogance over the subject, she, like the rest of the media that doesn’t understand the Bitcoin community, believes the whole Mt. Gox fiasco to be a flaw in Bitcoin. CCN has talked about that plenty.

[divider]Bitcoin, like the world, is diverse and beautiful[/divider]

Now, the point of my article is not to draw political lines in the Bitcoin community. In fact, it is the opposite. The point of this article to look at how the Bitcoin community is a peaceful international community and made up of great people of all ‘colors,’ languages and cultures.

Bitcoin as a whole has been moving forward since its inception. Investors joined the crypto world because Bitcoin is so new and revolutionary to the way we do business. For many, it serves as a new invention to skip the clearing house middlemen. For others, it jumps across borders to connect people who are just trying to make an honest living. And even the ones using Bitcoins for drugs were able to bypass drug cartels and violent gangs when they could use services like Silk Road.

And then there certainly are the libertarians/Anarcho-Capitalists who see Bitcoin as a tool to weaken and avoid the state. Personally, I am one of them and I understand how significant it is to allow currencies to compete and put pressure on financial markets, especially ones propped up by central banks and inflationary policies.

But Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not able to be reduced to one group. We’re an eclectic society of people who believe in this project. We span all borders. We talk many languages. We come from all ages and all genders, all races and all parts of society.

The fault of people like Annie-Rose is that they try to categorize whole groups of people and then try to bash them with words like ‘privilege’ and ‘white.’ As an Asian-American, I am actually slightly offended by that. Instead of realizing how diverse and unique the world is, her article tries tying me down as well as millions of other bitcoiners into a stereotyped group and continued to belittle me and whole parts of my life as if they don’t matter at all.

They should really check their privilege before becoming tax-evading anarchists. Photo by the BTC Geek; at the Global Bitcoin Conference 2013 in India

[divider]Moving forward[/divider]

The Bitcoin community does have an image problem, I will admit. Mainstream media outlets and politicians believe we’re all tax evading druggies with violent intentions. People like ThinkProgress’s Annie-Rose think we’re white male Americans with a lot of money. Everyone in between thinks we’re a bunch of struggling Mt. Gox followers with no legitimacy.

But don’t be disheartened. The development of the internet was similar, as was email and social media. It certainly takes time for technology to take hold and all we can do is to keep spreading our ideals. It’s not political and it’s not evil. It’s peaceful, international trade. It’s brought me to work here at CryptoCoinsNews with a bunch of other writers from around the planet. It’s made jokes out of doges and flappybirds.

So as we go into the future, especially in this post-Mt. Gox era, let’s continue to strive for the virtues of peace through trade and for the freedom of international cooperation. Bitcoin is going to change things and like the technology that allows me to type this, post this and pay me for this, it’s going to make life better for everyone, whether or not you believe in its success right now.

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