Reinvented Way to Capitalize with Crypto

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What do we call “money” today? Without exception, it is something everybody on this planet uses. Money is a desired tool to receive what we want and need. Although, the style and format of money has been adopting the evolution – emergence of crypto, the traditional forms of asset management remained the same. Generating returns with crypto not as investment into cryptocurrency as the asset but rather using it as the tool to make investments, is it the next thing? Possibly it is.

Investment solutions are still limited within the blockchain ecosystem, restricting investors to manage most of their savings outside the cryptocurrency environment. Speaking of diversifying the way we invest into assets, it is now also possible to do that with the cryptocurrencies. Investing not with sterling, dollar or other fiat money but with crypto. As an asset manager – institutional investor, it is time to diversify the traditional way of investing in a reliable and transparent way backed by blockchain technology.

Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, in his book, talked about the paradigm shift. The paradigm shift can be interpreted as the “Aha” moment when your perceptions change with understanding of something different from your regular practice or thinking. There is a new paradigm shift that we all must adopt – money has changed. Sweating your financial assets wisely to achieve maximum returns is the purpose of any investor in asset management technique. Now it is not only limited to fiat money. Cryptocurrencies are diversified in investment enabled by NaPoleonX.  

The project, run by NaPoleonX team, aims at penetrating the all-weather performing investment solutions for crypto holders, through Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) which, in highly unregulated cryptocurrency world, intends to be fully regulated and licensed by obtaining the EU asset management license after ICO ends. Cryptocurrency funds will be able to finance industries transparently leveraging huge amounts of investments. It will be possible with DAFs which are using smart contracts that are able to invest in the crypto market through trading bots.

According to NaPoleonX’s Whitepaper, DAFs will develop unique strategies by combining algorithmic strategies and leverage ratios to develop unique return targets and risk exposures.  NaPoleonX will build the infrastructure and regulatory framework environment with enforced rules where the blockchain will be employed to ensure fund adherence to its mandate and DAFs will point out to trade and portfolio information, as well that token holders will be able to access.

Maybe it is complex to understand and assemble all bits and pieces of NaPoleonX’s idea, but it is, in fact, very simple. Investments techniques are limited and risky where fiat money volatilities, despite the investment themselves, require full consciousness and caution framed by high fees and not transparent procedures. Substitution or transition from traditional investment styles may soon compete and even push out fiat investment normality. Because Madoff-style or Ponzi-scheme funds should “not be possible to exist in this universe” as was expressed by Ifrah – CEO of NaPoleonX, Blockchain will make sure of it.

There is simple math in the strategy of NaPoleonX:

Emergence of Smart Contacts + Investing quant strategies and bots in the best hedge funds and banks = complete freedom back on institutional investors’ investments. The equation creates the first 100% algorithmic crypto asset manager surfing on two exponential trends: the quantitative management wave and the crypto currency universe’s expansion. Once any investment will be accessible to the crypto world, it will be possible to embed quantitative investment strategies – trading bots within smart contracts, creating the ultimate investment vehicle.

NaPoleonX is presented as a complete innovation for robust investing strategies which, possibly, requires trial. NaPoleonX is the first algorithmic crypto asset manager. Being the pioneer with strong and dedicated team behind it, like bitcoin once was, NaPoleonX creates positive vibes around itself. The value proposition is represented in long-standing, high-performing trading bots running on a variety of highly liquid assets but also on long history and background in asset management world experienced by the team. Post ICO will determine the feasibility of the promising and standing idea.

How new and somewhat horrendous it may appear, it is the paradigm shift where search for transparency is the invisible hand which will stimulate further evolution of the crypto world. Time will prove the theories but looking at how things have evolved lately and the pace people embrace and disruptions, it is obvious that the economic evolution has never stopped. We will soon know if the disruptor in face NaPoleonX will find its niche among institutional and big investors.