Reindeer - Democratizing the Cloud Computation Domain

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Reindeer is a cloud design platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to streamline cloud designing. The present monopolized sphere of cloud computing deals with many challenges including high downtime, security issues, lack of transparency, reliability, etc. These inefficiencies hinder the potentials of creators to develop high-quality services. Reindeer is an unconventional platform that envisions to decentralize the cloud computing process in order to maximize the opportunity of creative design creators and help them flourish.

The Github of Cloud Design

Similar to the Github platform, Reindeer aims to offer users a repository that optimizes opportunities of cloud design creators and strengthens the cloud computing provisions. It allows users to share their unique cloud designs with the world seamlessly and earn monetary benefits. Moreover, it enables masses to use high-quality content designs to easily build online content with the same configuration.

Why Reindeer?

According to the market resources, cloud technology, and design market is expected to touch USD 300 Billion in 2021. However, there are several inefficiencies in this market that need to be addressed. A few years back, nearly 100 Million American households reported that their information was either leaking or being stolen. Many others reported that there were significant system downtimes in their cloud platforms. Reindeer wants to remove these inefficiencies and make cloud computing efficient for users around the world. It aims to improve the current cloud design and computing practices so that the aspiring independent creators can join this industry without any hassle.

Every day, more than 16,000 new domains are registered. Assuming each of these domains uses cloud technologies in some way or the other, there would be approximately 6 million cloud designs available at the end of the year. Reindeer wants to be a unified repository for these designs and aims to transform the cloud industry.

The Democratization of Cloud Designing

Reindeer believes that the only way the cloud industry can grow is to democratize it. Currently, a handful of companies are monopolizing this industry, some of which are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure, IBM, etc. According to Reindeer, individual creators must be given a chance to own stakes in this humongous industry. This can happen only when there is a decentralized platform which gives these people a fair opportunity to showcase their products. This is where Reindeer steps in; it gives developers a fair chance of being recognized in the cloud computing and designing arena. Their designs are not censured by anyone; on the contrary, these individual creators are rewarded by the platform for their products.

A Decentralized Solution

The Reindeer cloud design platform is truly decentralized in nature. It is designed on the Ethereum blockchain and nobody controls or owns it. All transactions are vetted by smart contracts similar to other Ethereum-based platforms. The platform is also not guided by the interests of the advertisers. Since there is a heavy demand for cloud-based products, that demand alone will fuel the growth of this platform.

Reindeer - A User-Centric Cloud Computing Platform

Reindeer Tech wants to democratize the cloud designing ecosystem by offering its decentralized services to individual creators. These Individual creators would play a pivotal role in the growth of this industry, and Reindeer wants to help these people by offering to host their designs on its platform and rewarding them for their efforts.

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