Reddcoin has just launched its own social platform designed to amplify the voice of the community through a platform similar to thunderclap. The platform supports campaigns that are accepted by the developers. The campaign then can gain supporters; the supports give support from their Facebook account, Twitter account, or Tumblr account. If the campaign meets the number of supporters that the person that started the campaign specified, then the message of the campaign will be mass broadcasted by the supporters at the set time of the campaign. The moderation of the new platform will protect it from spam and only let campaigns that are acceptable be launched. Reddcoin is the first and only cryptocurrency that has their own voice amplification platform.
reddcoin broadcast

Disclaimer: The author has some holdings in Reddcoin and participates in the Reddcoin community.

Thunderclap charges between $100-$500 per premium campaign they host. The new Reddcoin Broadcast platform is free to use. Only campaigns that relate to Reddcoin are accepted for the platform. Reddcoin is designed to be the social currency and is meant to be tipped rather than spent. The new Reddcoin Broadcast platform is designed to augment the social media presence of the coin.

The platform is designed to encourage the growth of the Reddcoin community and the infrastructure of the coin. It is designed to encourage developers to create applications specific to Reddcoin, when they do they, and if they host a successful campaign, they will get the message of their product/service to the target audience almost instantly.

With the addition of this platform, Reddcoin has developed several tip bots over various social media platforms including Reddit, Twitter, and broadcast 2

Setting up a campaign is very simple, once the user has signed onto the Broadcasting platform with one of the support accounts they can then start as many campaigns as they want and also vouch to support as many other campaigns for free. When a user gives support to a campaign, they effectively broadcast the campaign to each follower they have. The sum of all of the supporter’s followers is the effective number of people that the campaign is broadcasted to. The Reddcoin Broadcast platform works in a similar way to Thunderclap, the supporters unite, and the campaign owner is able to adjust the launch date, update the campaign, display all of the supporters and ultimately have complete control of their campaign. Thunderclap charges up to $500 for the same services that Reddcoin Broadcast offers for free.

This is the first mass broadcast platform designed for the Cryptocurrency world. No other platform has been designed for any other coin. Platforms like this allow cryptocurrencies to reach new users with their campaign and use supporters to increase the exposure of the campaign to a target audience. If more coins adopt a platform similar to this, it could be a step forward to making cryptocurrencies more mainstream and getting more large companies to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Reddcoin has created a unique platform that might be a game changer for all cryptocurrencies.