Red Lanterns Launches Their Pre-Sale with Cryptocurrency Purchased through Its App

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Red Lanterns (RL Application) launched its Pre-Sale on 14 February 2018, and it will run until 15 April 2018. In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs in particular, this ITO (initial token offering) is unique in that it offers users of the RL Application are protected by being able to buy the tokens, based on the Ethereum blockchain, through the company’s mobile application which is also the manner in which the RL services are rendered.

Red Lanterns offer unique token purchasing structure – REDL tokens are available for purchase directly from the landing page, however, for those who prefer an additional layer of security, tokes are available for sale directly through the Red Lanterns App which can be downloaded from Apple App-Store or Android Google Play Market. Red-Lanterns offers an additional 5% Bonus for investors who purchased tokens through mobile App. The 5% bonus will be added to account holders once the crowd sate is complete on April 15th, 2018.

In the notoriously volatile market of cryptocurrencies and in an era where ICOs built on flimsy promises – or worse still, scams – investors are now provided with an opportunity to purchase tokens tied to an application that is expected to turn over large volumes of smart- contract transactions in a secure manner. Using smart technology for raising seed capital through the protection of a mobile app makes sense for a business built on closing a societal gap using smart technology.

Red Lanterns is a rapidly developing online service, with both Android and App Store, which helps fill the gap in sexual education and consent. The application is free for download and the value – for information exchanges – is moved around by connecting app users with classic experts – psychologists, sex education experts and more – securely and intelligently.

We believe that knowledge is power and are using advanced technology to develop a solution to increase the level of sex education while eliminating dissidence and shame. The team at RL decided that the application of blockchain technology in the already existing RL service and introducing the crypto token called REDL as a payment unit would be the perfect solution to a range of problems, not least closing the sexual education gap around the world.

“To further develop the application and grow the community, the RL team decided to bring the product to an ITO (initial token offering), which is attracting crypto enthusiasts as well as new experts and users,” said RL CEO Nikolas Zirchyk.

The estimated cost per REDL token is $1. Tokens are being released with a soft-cap target of $1,500,000 and maximum bonus + 50% at Pre Sale phase and a fundraising goal of $10,000,000. When the app is downloaded, the person who downloads the app and buys a token gets a 5% bonus on REDL tokens that they purchase, after token sale end.