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Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Highlights Hollywood’s Fat-Shaming Problem

Published October 6, 2020 7:27 PM
Saim Cheeda
Published October 6, 2020 7:27 PM
  • Rebel Wilson is experiencing praise for her impressive weight loss.
  • She was mainly relegated to being a comic relief before her transformation.
  • Celebrities shouldn’t be restricted to a certain perception, even after they lose it.

Rebel Wilson is the talk of the town due to her recent weight loss. The actress and comedian is earning the moniker of “Fit Amy” these days. 

This is a reference to her “Fat” Amy character in “Pitch Perfect.” Wilson deserves to enjoy her new image, but Hollywood and contemporary culture need to remember that being thin doesn’t make one perfect.

Hollywood Encouraged Rebel Wilson To Stay Overweight

The reason why Rebel Wilson has lost weight will surprise you. It’s not strictly because she wants a healthier lifestyle. It comes down to Wilson being unable to be seen as a serious actress due to her weight. The actress has previously revealed she was once paid extra to remain heavier. 

This is evident from her material as well. She’s always been a hilarious comedian, yet Rebel Wilson makes use of material that is self-deprecating in nature. The best example is her act at the 2020 BAFTA Award ceremony, as seen in the video below.

Wilson kills in most of her act, yet she gets the best laughs when making fun of herself. The audience was all too inclined to laugh at her at the BAFTAs, too. This extends to her film performances. Known mainly for her supporting roles in features like “Pitch Perfect” and “Grimsby,” Wilson hasn’t been given as much chance to branch out on her own.

Even her lead role in “Isn’t It Romantic?” stressed how a girl like her couldn’t be the lead in a romantic comedy. With such a long history of being shoehorned in one particular role, Wilson was basically encouraged by Hollywood itself to maintain her former figure.

Media Praise For Rebel Wilson Feels Backhanded

Not long after this new Rebel Wilson was trending, she started receiving all kinds of glowing praise.  News outlets and social media are alight with Rebel Wilson like never before.

Everybody loves Rebel. | Source: Twitter 

But where was this kind of support when she was searching for serious roles to no success? It seems contemporary culture is willing to laugh at her expense and only be on her side when she fits society’s standard of beauty.

What’s sad is that certain celebrities have faced criticism even when they’ve reached this imaginary standard. So much so that Adele’s trainer had to defend her for losing weight.  While it’s true that a millionaire like Adele can afford to “cheat” her way toward slimmer size, that still doesn’t mean she should be ridiculed.

Hollywood Needs To Accept Artists For Who They Want To Be

Like Rebel Wilson, Adele has lost a considerable amount of weight. However, she faced the ire of social media, where she was branded as a traitor to plus-sized people, for some reason. In true comedian fashion, Wilson has made light of her weight loss, as seen in her Instagram post below.


In a similar case, singer Ally Brooke faced some ridicule for revealing she’s a 27-year-old virgin. This stems from the notion that celebrities need to amp up their sex appeal. Rebel Wilson was essentially forced into retaining her original weight, but the sudden praise for her is a form of fat-shaming against how she used to look.

It seems like a no-win scenario. Celebrities are mocked whether they fit Hollywood’s lofty standards or not. Rebel Wilson should maintain her new figure if she wants to, but should also be respected if she decides against it.

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