/r/Bitcoin Convinces GoCityHotels.com To Accept Bitcoin

May 2, 2014
Pay for your Hotel using Bitcoin

Bitcoiners have long been walking into brick and mortar businesses and pestering the owners about credit card fees, chargebacks, and then intentionally steering the conversation towards Bitcoin. Grassroots activism like this has been sorely missing from the finance sector for decades.  A Bitcoiner’s message is even easier to send online in the form of emails, business suggestions, feedback forms, etc.  This is exactly the type of mobilization that occurred in the last 24 hours which has prompted GoCityHotels.com to announce that they will accept Bitcoin by the end of the month.


[dropcap size=small]Y[/dropcap]esterday, an /r/Bitcoiner by the name of ButterflySammy reached out to the /r/Bitcoin community to help him book his “first Bitcoin Holiday.”  Sammy had gotten in contact with the owner of GoCityHotels.com, a fellow by the name of Nick, and talked with him about Bitcoin.  Nick was admittedly interested in Bitcoin and Nick and Sammy soon reached a deal: If 10 unique people reach out to GoCityHotels.com through their contact page and specifically request Bitcoin functionality, then GoCityHotels.com would be a fool not to implement it.  If only every other business in the world followed that same prudent example.  Sammy’s original call to action for the /r/Bitcoin community received over a thousand upvotes, it’s hard to know exactly how many given the closely guarded vote fuzzy-ing algorithms that Reddit employs.

One day later, GoCityHotels posted to /r/Bitcoin.

TL;DR: GoCityHotels.com will be adding Bitcoin as a payment option this month.

GoCityHotels.com’s Nick originally asked for 10 unique contacts asking for Bitcoin before he would consider implementing it.  Instead, in less than 24 hours, GoCityHotels received over 200 separate contacts from interested users around the world.  Nick took the time to post to Reddit even though he was barely half way through the list of official contacts still awaiting a reply.  GoCityHotels’ /r/Bitcoin post will likely also receive hundreds of upvotes and large amounts of publicity, especially since they have promised to answer questions from the Bitcoin community in an informal AMA.


GoCityHotels.com is based in London and has since expanded to offer over 20,000 hotel locations worldwide to its users.  They have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have taken an increasingly international and online presence over the last years.  Bitcoin is an obvious next step for any business also looking to expand its customer base overseas.  Nick remarked that he spent some time talking with GoCityHotels.com’s developers about wallets and APIs.  It seems that GoCityHotels might be considering accepting and holding Bitcoin on their own, as opposed to utilizing a Bitcoin payment processor such as Coinbase, bitpay, or CoinVoice.

The Digital Currency Community’s Generosity

Bitcoin news is, unfortunately, mostly about the bad stuff, such as Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges shutting down.  However, increasingly often, CCN is able to write about the Digital Currency community’s generosity.  In the case of GoCityHotels.com, no money has changed hands just messages of support.  However, /r/Bitcoin and especially /r/Dogecoin have both exhibited extraordinary generosity with actual bitcoins along with messages of support.  The giving spirit of the Shibes in /r/Dogecoin is legendary across the internet… At least to the teenage population.  The Dogecoin community has helped spread Digital Currency to Talladega and has even directly funded many admirable projects, such as Doge4water.  Some in the community have lamented the loss of Bitcoin’s giving spirit but they are in the minority.  The Bitcoin community is small to begin with, it just happens to have an incredibly large online footprint.  Bitcoin has funded River Parks in New Zealand and even political organizations in America.  Driving Bitcoin adoption among merchants, namely hotels and restaurants, is key.  More recently, Andreas Antonopoulos also took to /r/Bitcoin to call for Yelp+Bitcoin sticker design to increase Bitcoin’s profile in light of Yelp letting businesses that accept Bitcoin publicize that fact.

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