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QuickX Protocol Announces Partnership with BitMax.io (BTMX.com)

Last Updated March 31, 2023 8:42 AM
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Last Updated March 31, 2023 8:42 AM

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QuickX Protocol, a novel off-chain liquidity solution to cryptocurrency transfers and payments, has announced exclusive primary listing with BitMax.io  (BTMX.com), the world’s leading 3rd-generation digital asset trading platform. With the common goal to improve overall liquidity offering across the value chain in the crypto industry, QuickX and BitMax.io  are teaming up to broaden the adoption and application of blockchain innovation and further support other projects that could leverage QuickX technology solution.

What is QuickX Protocol?

QuickX Protocol is an intuitive off-chain solution to the hurdles of cryptocurrency transactions. The project provides cryptocurrency users with an off-chain user fund which acts as a liquidity network for multiple cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens.

QuickX Protocol provides users with a secure, multi-asset wallet. These wallets connect users to the QuickX platform which allows them to access a novel liquidity network which provides off-chain fulfillment of cryptocurrency transactions, thereby removing the need of processing cryptocurrency transactions through validators on the blockchain. As the validation process is the primary cause of slow and expensive blockchain transactions, QuickX Protocol’s off-chain transaction relay prepares cryptocurrencies for mass adoption by making fast, cheap, scalable, and cross-chain transactions a service accessible for the masses.


Additionally, QuickX Protocol enables cryptocurrencies for mass spending. The platform’s liquidity network seamlessly connects with payment cards that can be used at merchants’ point-of-sale systems through QuickX’s native payment gateway. The QuickX liquidity fund ensures assets can be instantly converted to the merchant’s desired form of payment, and QuickX Protocol’s transaction solution ensures the payment reaches the merchant instantly with a minimal transaction fee.

QuickX Protocol is allowing cryptocurrencies to fulfill their purpose as a currency.

What is BitMax.io?

BitMax.io is the industry first 3rd-generation cryptocurrency exchange providing a broad range of products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. Founded by a group of Wall Street veterans, BitMax.io builds upon the core value of blockchain, transparency and reliability, and delivers high-quality client services and trading experience through its innovative trading platform.

Last November, BitMax.io  team introduced the industry’s first combined model of “transaction-mining” and “reverse-mining” where the platform users can receive native token BTMX as reward for trading on the platform – the transaction mining aspect, as well as get rebates by executing maker trades – the reverse-mining aspect. This unique trading model was developed based off the liquidity provision program from traditional finance exchanges.  With this revolutionary mechanism, BitMax.io  ushered in the new generation of crypto-trading exchange industry beyond those traditional ones and the transaction-mining-only exchanges.

With its client-centric approach and commitment to listing only high-quality projects, BitMax.io has rapidly expanded its global client base to over 80,000 registered users and 35,000 community members. Just in the last month, BitMax.io successfully completed primary listing of 4 superstar projects including COVA, CVNT, Lambda and LTO Network. As part of listing service, BitMax.io collaborated with those strategic partners on a series of well-structured client acquisition and marketing campaign that not only generated positive brand exposure but also supported project community expansion. On the back of those successful cases, the team are diligently working through a strong listing pipeline of many industry top projects.

A Partnership Benefits the Overall Blockchain Industry

Both BitMax.io and QuickX Protocol have shared the community-centric view with the offering of low fees, as well as the strategic vision of pursuing regulatory compliant path in the current market conditions as part of business development.

Therefore, this strategic partnership goes above and beyond an enhanced liquidity solution from two industry leaders, but it highlights the required building blocks in order to broaden the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.