Quarkcoin Partners with Moolah and Shaq-Fu 2 Team

April 12, 2014

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Quarkcoin, boasting its speed and security, has been the centerpiece of an avid community. Together with the Quark Foundation, they have been hard at work to integrate Quarkcoin into the developing landscape of the digital realm. Today, the Quark community launched a large publicity project at Thunderclap. They exceeded their goal and were able to reach over 6 million people on social media platforms worldwide. They were able to meet their goal with the help of a rather unlikely source:

“Quark announces their partnership with the innovative development team behind Shaq-Fu: The Legend Reborn – Quark to be offered as a means of in-game payment,” the Quark Foundation announced in a press release for today. What’s great about this is that the Thunderclap campaign is that it helped them reach over 8.2 million Shaquille O’Neil fans. If you haven’t been following Shaq recently, there has been a lot of talk about a sequel to the mid-90s game Shaq Fu. It was released that there would be a sequel in development  and an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign went online to support it.

The game will be released on multiple consoles including the Wii U, PS4, XBox one, PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as a PC version. As an in-game payment method, this may be huge for the integration of cryptocurrencies in the everyday life. If millions of gamers have been willing to put forth money for in-game currencies and content, what’s the keep them from transitioning into cryptocurrencies as well?

Here’s a nice little teaser of the game. To be honest, I never thought I’d see the day that another Shaq-Fu would be on its way.

What’s even bigger for Quark is their second announcement: “Quark partners with Moolah to provide fast and secure in-store and online payment solutions!

Moolah has been an emerging leader among cryptocurrency payment platforms. Among their services are direct USD to cryptocurrency exchanged and merchant cryptocurrency payment portals online. The in-store function is still in progress.

What’s probably the biggest news for Quark are the upcoming in-store point of service payment devices. Because of Quark’s speed of transfer, it makes it the ideal form of transfer for in-store payments, able to potentially speed past Bitcoin’s initial confirmations in 30 seconds instead of possibly 10 minutes.

From the press release: “Additionally – if you’re a merchant, the charity organization or anyone else, and want to accept  Quark and any other cryptocurrencies as payment with direct conversion to USD, please get in contact with Moolah. In partnership with Moolah, Euro/Quark and GBP/Quark will be upcoming, so that Europeans will be able to participate in this exciting new service.”

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Cryptocurrencies have had an interesting year so far, to say the least. Quarkcoin is an altcoin with speed and security and despite the possibilities of the sidechains with Bitcoin 2.0, this is great news for the cryptocommunity as a whole. Introducing more people the easier and practical uses of this technology will ultimately increase the stability and value thereof and these two partnerships are major steps in the right direction. Hats off to the Quark team!

What are your thoughts on these developments? How might this conflict with Sidechains? Are you considering Shaq Fu, now? Join the discussion at our groups here. Our groups tool is a great tool to connect to writers here at CCN who are hard at work digging into the world of cryptocurrencies.

[divider]Point of Clarification[/divider]

From the Press Team Leader of Quark:

“Hey guys – great article! I’m Vic, the Press Team Leader – just to clarify: The Thunderclap and meeting the Shaq fans are separate! The way it worked was:
– We bought a Twitter and YouTube package from them – we will be introduced to 8.2 million fans through those! Still to come.
– We then made a Thunderclap campaign and got a social reach of 6 million – which allowed us to offer partnerships with Moolah
– ShaqFu then decided that they will accept Quark as payment for in game purchases when the game comes out!”

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