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Puma’s $100 ‘Gamer Socks’ is a Ridiculous Cash-Grab Gone Too Far

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:25 PM
  • Clothes companies have been pandering to gamers for a long time.
  • The latest effort comes from Puma in the form of £80 ‘active gaming socks’.
  • These socks are the most pointless thing that has ever existed.

It seems like every clothing company wants to cash-in on gaming . Every few days we hear about Luis Vuitton plastering video game icons all over their purses. Either that or selling overpriced shirts that look like stuff you could buy on eBay for a few dollars. Both of those things really happened by the way.

It really seems like companies are trying to outdo each other for the title of ‘worst collaboration ever’. Puma has just thrown their own hat into the ring. They announced recently a pair of ‘gamer socks’ which will enable you to game at a professional level…somehow.

Puma Gaming Socks - Store Page
The fact that these socks even exist in the first place is genuinely baffling. | Source: Puma 

The Puma Gamer Socks are Pointless

These socks come in at a pretty steep £80 for a single pair of these socks . While you’re still reeling from that price, you might want to be careful about reading the description. It is without a doubt the most baffling description for a pair of socks that has ever existed.

The first thing you’ll notice that these socks are designed ‘with console gamers in mind’. Exactly what the hell that means no one seems to be quite sure. It’s even prompted some questions over on Twitter . Do the socks possibly send an electric shock up your legs if you try and play on a PC? For £80 they’d better do something.

The description only gets worse as you read on. These socks apparently come with ‘3 modes’. SEEK mode, ATTACK mode, and CRUISE & DEFENCE mode. Again, it is not immediately clear what on earth any of those modes mean. In ATTACK mode do they turn into robo-socks and kick your opponents in the face to distract them? Seriously, what is going on?

Puma Gaming Socks - Tweet
It seems like the ‘Created with console gamers in mind’ comment has confused more than just me. | Source: Twitter 

Why Do They Even Exist?

I can’t even begin to imagine that anyone will find these useful. At least they’re not going to find them any more useful than a single decent pair of breathable socks. Even the most expensive single pair will cost you around £10/15, that’s if you’re looking for really high-end socks.

These sorts of cross overs really need to stop. £80 for socks isn’t even the worst example. Luis Vuitton is trying to charge people nearly £500 for a shirt that looks like any other League of Legends merch. It’s not even like it has some special design to it. The t-shirt is literally just a character on a plain black shirt.

No matter the reason why they exist, these tie-ins need to stop. There really is no good reason for them to exist beyond these companies cashing in on gamers with more money than sense. Unfortunately, in the modern age, it’s more likely than ever that you’ll be able to find these sorts of people in their droves.