PulpSpot, a free speech media portal with Bitcoin integration

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs
April 16, 2014
PulpSpot aims to be a new social media experience. Freedom of speech with a Bitcoin integration.

Bitcoin, the revolutionary currency. It sounds nice and, for many Bitcoin fanatics, it is a means to a revolution. When we speak of modern day revolutions, social media are always lurking around the corner. They unite people with a common goal and are not always loved by certain governments (Hi Turkey government, tweeted anything lately?). PulpSpot.com seamlessly brings Bitcoin and social media together.

A new social media experience

PulpSpot.com aims to be a new kind of social media experience. This website allows people to post anonymously into a world feed. This world feed is centered on free speech and is probably the most accessible one on the planet. Posting on PulpSpot.com requires no log in credentials at all. Users do not need a username and there are almost no restrictions to topics people can post about. News, politics, whistleblowing, services and products, begging or venting, everything is allowed to be talked about at PulpSpot.

Of course, there are some guidelines to be taken into account. Child pornography is obviously not permitted as are pharma ads. Posts that conflict with the laws of the country that post originated from can get you into trouble, as well. As the team explains thoroughly in its FAQ, you can ask to buy a gun in Texas but not in the United Kingdom.

Reward someone with Bitcoins

Readers are encouraged to post their own feeds, share interesting news and comment on other people’s posts. Doing so holds potential rewards and this is where Bitcoin comes into play. The website features a built-in Bitcoin payment system. Users can enter their Bitcoin address when posting or commenting. If another reader wants to tip the original poster, he or she can do that by simply clicking the Bitcoin “tip this poster” icon next to the feed or comment. The tip needs to be a minimum amount of $0.25.

This way of tipping other users with Bitcoins is not a brand new service. Redditors have been able to tip other users for quite some time now. Only available in certain subreddits, the bitcointip bot has been responsible for this. The service required you to fund your bitcointip account by sending coins to the address the bot gave you. Once that was done, users were able to tip other users in a comment or PM to the bitcointip bot. After having done so, the bot will make a reply verifying or rejecting the tip.

PulpSpot uses a slightly different system. There will be no bitcointip bot, neither can you send money to your PulpSpot account since PulpSpot users won’t need one. When you click the “tip this poster” icon, a new page will open with detailed instructions on how to send a certain amount of coins to another address. This requires both the sending and receiving user to have an external wallet. While this can easily discourage certain people to use the service, it could also push other people towards adopting Bitcoin in their lives. PulpSpot offers a great walkthrough for those who have not worked with Bitcoin before.

In any case, a website that promotes free speech and Bitcoin usage all over the world, deserves some recognition. If you feel like sharing something with the world, take a look at PulpSpot.com.

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs

Internet addict and virtual currency aficionado living in Belgium. I work in a school, where I am responsible for every computer and the entire network that keeps our students connected to the world. I love cryptocurrencies, mostly because it gives us a chance to take back our freedom. If we do this right, there are exciting times ahead!