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PS5 Will Dominate VR With New Patented Controllers

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
  • Sony recently patented a controller design that looks like it might be the new controller for the PSVR 2 system.
  • If this patent is for the PS5 it could indicate that Sony plans on chasing VR hard in the next generation.
  • These new controllers will bring the PS5 in-line with PC VR hardware.

Virtual reality (VR) versus cloud gaming seems like the battleground on which the ninth generation console war will be fought. Xbox is backing cloud gaming with Project xCloud. Sony is heavily backing VR with a new PSVR system for the PS5.

It seems like the PS5 will have the edge now too. Recently, Sony patented a controller design , presumably for the upcoming new version of PSVR.

With some new controller technology, the PS5 could really dominate the next generation of VR.

PS5 VR Controller - Patent Images
The patent images give a pretty decent impression of what these new controllers are going to look like. | Source: PatentScope  (edited by CCN.com)

PS5 Really Needed These New Controllers

PSVR is the most affordable option for VR that is any good, but the problem with the system mainly revolves around the controllers. Not only are they not included in the standard PSVR package, they’re based on last-generation technology.

If this new patent is for the PS5’s rumored PSVR headset, that could change rapidly. Not only would it bring PS5 VR in-line with PC standards, but it would open up a huge number of possibilities for future titles on Sony’s next-gen machine.

If Sony actually bundles the controllers with the headset, it might mean that more than 5% of PS5 users end up with a VR setup . Since Sony is chasing VR pretty hard, increasing its adoption rate has to be top priority for the next generation.

Now It’s Just a Question of VR Actually Being What Most Gamers Want

As I said above, the battle lines have been drawn. The Xbox Series X is chasing the dream of game streaming. The PS5 is clearly going after VR. What it comes down to is whether either of those things will help to win the war.

VR is very immersive. Game streaming is great for the sake of convenience. Realistically though, these battles are fought and won with actual games. If Sony continues to have strong first-party titles, it can throw as much money at VR as it likes without concern.

No matter what happens, the PS5 is the choice for those of us that want an affordable VR setup.

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