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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Who’s The Loser in This Console-Price Cold War?

The PS5 may have finally been revealed, but the price wasn't. Now we're firmly in price cold war territory. Let's just hope it doesn't last as long as the real cold war.

  • After Sony’s reveal event, we still don’t know a price for the PS5.
  • Apparently Xbox are trying to undercut their competition by waiting for them to reveal their price.
  • Both companies are already in a console price cold war.

Some people were left disappointed by the PS5 reveal. Not because it wasn’t great. There was just one key detail missing: the price.

Just like Microsoft, Sony seems to be going for the coy approach. As of right now, we have no idea how much we’re going to need to save up to get one of these things.

According to some, Microsoft waiting so they can undercut Sony. Now it’s starting to look like maybe Sony are doing the same.

The lack of a price reveal was even poked fun at by gamers over on Twitter. | Source: Twitter

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Is Turning Into a Cold War

It seems like both sides of the next-gen console war are holding off. Whoever puts out their price information is at a decided disadvantage. At least, that’s the case if they both plan to undercut the competition.

The PS5 stands the most to lose in the competition too. It’s currently the console with the largest market share. More than that, it looks like Sony knows the hardware is too expensive. That’s why there’s a version with no optical drive after all.

With that in mind, it might not exactly be hard for Microsoft to undercut the PS5. Clearly, Sony is sinking a whole bunch of money into their machine and the games. They’re banking on their current machine’s market-share holding true.

Let’s Hope This Cold War Doesn’t Last Long

Realistically this situation can only go on for so long. Both of these machines are supposed to launch by the end of the year. No matter how badly Microsoft wants to undercut the PS5, if Sony holds out too long they’ll probably end up having to announce a price.

On the other side of the coin, Sony shouldn’t get complacent. Their machines are super popular right now, but previous console generations have taught us that it isn’t always the way.

If they charge too much for their hardware at launch, especially with the financial crisis looming, then they’re going to regret their investment pretty damn quickly.

Who do you think has more to lose? Comment below.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:00 PM

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