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PS5 Skeleton Leaks to Peek Inside Sony’s Next-Gen Console

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM

Update (9/4/2020): According to eagle-eyed fan s, the motherboard is none other than the very same one found in Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, suggesting the image is a mere conceptual mock-up based on the console details shared by Sony to date rather than a genuine like-for-like recreation of the PS5 internals.

  • An under the hood image of the PS5 has surfaced online.
  • It features in the latest issue of How It Works magazine, which explores the technology powering the next-gen consoles.
  • Allied to Sony accelerating PS5 promotion, the image’s upcoming publication suggests an official teardown isn’t too far off.

An image – or, at least, a convincing mock-up – of the PS5 internal components has surfaced online .

The picture will feature in the upcoming Issue 142 of the ‘How It Works’ magazine , which offers a dive into the ‘cutting-edge technology’ inside the next-gen console. A preview of the magazine shows the PS5 sided by a similar open-case look at the Xbox Series X internals, an official tear down of which Microsoft delivered earlier this year .

As close as we’ve been to an official tear down to date. | Source: Future Plc

The magazine feature focuses on five core components of the PS5, detailed by the following descriptions:

Fans – Cooling fans are positioned at either end of the console to vent heat from the internal components.

Heat sink – Placed above the CPU and GPU, heat is drawn away from the vital components of the console.

Motherboard – This will be a single circuit board connecting all the PS5’s internals as opposed to the split motherboard seen on the Series X.

CPU – The PS5 will use a Zen 2 processor with eight computing cores – the same as the Xbox Series X, though operating a fraction slower.

SSD – The PS5’s 825 gigabytes of storage represents the amount of usable space, the remainder will be used for system files.”

It’s difficult to determine whether the image depicts the actual internal arrangement found in the PS5. The console in the image appears to be 3D rendered rather than an in-the-flesh unit.

How It Works magazine explores the technology inside the next-gen consoles. | Source: Future Plc

The ‘How It Works’ magazine is published by Future Plc , who’s brands include reputable gaming press outlets GamesRadar+, Kotaku UK, PC Gamer, and the Official PlayStation Magazine UK. The association suggests Future Plc is printing the details with some form of official blessing from Sony.

The issue’s publication on Oct. 1 allied to Sony cranking up the PS5 marketing in recent weeks suggests an official tear down can’t be too far off. There are also rumors of a PS5 event on Sept. 9, which, if genuine, would prove a perfect opportunity for an under-the-hood look at Sony’s console.