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PS5 Rumors: What Insiders Say About Whispers of a June Console Reveal

New insider information adds weight to rumors that Sony is planning to stage a PlayStation 5 reveal event in early to mid-June.

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Thomas Bardwell
May 8, 2020 1:52 PM
  • Sony is reportedly on track to host a PlayStation 5 reveal event in June.
  • Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier confirmed as much in the most recent episode of the Press Start Podcast.
  • The ongoing pandemic has the potential to derail current plans due to the volatility of the crisis.

With gamers looking to Sony to reignite the next-gen dream after Microsoft’s botched gameplay reveal, new insight from an industry insider has added weight to murmurs of a PlayStation 5 reveal in June.

Gaming Insider: Sony on Track for June PS5 Event

Speaking during the most recent episode of the Press Start gaming podcast, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier explained that, to his understanding, Sony is planning a PlayStation 5 reveal event in early to mid-June.

When asked about his knowledge of Sony’s upcoming plans, Schreier confirmed the validity of the recent rumors about an impending PS5 reveal event.

As far as I know, right now, Sony is still on track to do one thing by early June, let’s say, or by mid-June, let’s say.

Schreier was quick to qualify his statement by pointing to the volatility of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The unprecedented nature of the crisis means platform holders, developers, and publishers are wrestling with an ever-changing landscape. We’ve seen highly-anticipated games such as The Last of Us Part II delayed and events such as E3 canceled due to the pandemic.

As a consequence, plans have and are likely to change regularly. Despite backing a June reveal, Schreier recommends caution.

PlayStation 5 Reveal Rumors Gather Steam

This latest nugget appears to corroborate similar news from Venture Beat reporter Jeffrey Grubb. Writing last month in a Resetera thread discussing Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans, Grubb pointed to June 4 as the date for PS5 reveal event.

Insider Nod Adds New Weight to June PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Rumors
We’ve seen the controller. Will we finally see the console next month? | Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony has remained silent since unveiling the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller last month. We’re due some new PS5 news. But, while a June reveal appears to be on the cards, it may be best to temper expectations until Sony officially confirms its plans.

June is only a few short weeks away, so we may not have to wait all that long to learn more about Sony’s secretive PlayStation 5 – and hopefully see the console’s final design.