PS5 Prepares Another Launch Exclusive While Xbox Fans Mourn Halo Delay

It’s a great time to be a PS5 fan. The console appears to be prepping an exciting line-up of launch titles this holiday season.
Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite
Xbox fans will have to wait a while longer to get their hands on Halo Infinite. PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is rolling out the exclusives in time for launch. | Image: HALO/YouTube
  • A prominent gaming industry analyst teases another exclusive PS5 launch title.
  • The game would join Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom, which will be available on PS5 this holiday season.
  • This will come as a blow to Xbox fans, who are reeling from the news that Xbox Series X game Halo Infinite has been delayed.

In a YouTube live stream, video game industry analyst Benji Sales revealed that he has heard about another exclusive PS5 launch title. Sales compares this PS5 game to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and not Astro’s Playroom, a platforming game that will be available free to every PS5 owner.

Video: Benji talks Halo Infinite delay.

Sales didn’t say whether this game would be a first or third-party title. Sony owns several major game development studios, from Sony Santa Monica to Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, but it is also known for its timed exclusive deals with outside developers.

Sony has confirmed that Bethesda’s Deathloop will be a timed PS5 exclusive. That game will be released in holiday 2020, so this could potentially be the third exclusive PS5 launch title that Sales is talking about.

PS5 Fans Talk About SOCOM Rumor

PS5 SOCOM rumor tweet
SOCOM was a popular suggestion from fans. | Source: Twitter

Another suggestion from fans is that the PS5 will get a new SOCOM game at launch. There were rumors about a new SOCOM just last week, and the series has been collecting dust for some time now.

Some are also wondering if the PS5 launch title could be Horizon Forbidden West. This seems highly unlikely, as developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the title will be bigger than Horizon Zero Dawn. It may need a little more time to work on the game of that magnitude.

PS5 launch exclusive tweet
Sales told fans that he isn’t a “top tier” leaker. | Source: Twitter
PS5 launch tweet
Sales said fans were ‘reading’ into the comments. | Source: Twitter

Sales himself has warned fans to set their expectations. The analyst doesn’t typically see himself as a “top tier” of industry information and told followers not to expect PS5 launch exclusives like God of War 2.

While this other PS5 launch title is much more likely to be a smaller game, it strikes a blow to Xbox fans who this week lost the biggest Xbox Series X launch title. Xbox delayed Halo Infinite to 2021, meaning that PS5 now potentially has another way to defeat the Xbox Series X at launch.

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