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PS5 in the Wild Spotted with a Human – and It’s Huge

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
  • An unverified image purportedly shows a PS5 console held by Sony technicians in a factory.
  • The image allegedly comes from an internal communications leak and shows no signs of manipulation.
  • The PS5 on display is massive, and is nearly as large as the holder’s torso.

Although we’ve seen the PS5 in flattering promotional shots courtesy of Sony, we’ve yet to see the upcoming console in a real-world setting.

That is, until now. A PS5 has been spotted in wild accompanied by a human, and boy does it look huge.

PS5 Spotted in Factory

An image purportedly showing a PS5 proudly displayed by a trio of Sony factory technicians has surfaced online.

The white box resembles one side of the PS5 and bears the PlayStation logo in the top left corner. It’s difficult to determine if we are looking at one of the console’s distinctive white contoured panels. Or, instead, the entire unit angled to conceal the black inner layer containing the PS5’s components.

PS5 in the Wild Spotted with a Human - and It's Huge
The PS5 spotted in a factory. Source: Resetera 

The background suggests the image was captured at a factory – assembly line stations sporting pandemic-ready plexiglass screens and machinery are clearly on show.

A report earlier this month claimed that Sony was approaching the final stages of the PS5 manufacturing process. According to that report, Sony will ramp up production by the end of this month. The snap of the PS5 in a factory setting implies that everything is still on schedule.

Genuine or Fake?

The image remains unverified as of writing, but it has stirred a heated debate on the Resetera gaming forum where it was first shared  after popping up on an undisclosed Discord server.

PS5 in the Wild Spotted with a Human - and It's Huge
All signs suggest the PS5 will be huge. Source: Sony

Opinions waver between an outright fake and a genuine first look at the PS5 out in the wild. With an insider confirming its authenticity as an internal communications leak , and others reporting no signs of tampering when putting the image through analysis software , there’s little to suggest it isn’t genuine.

And if it is indeed genuine, we’ll be decking out our living rooms with one chunky piece of kit come launch later this year. The image appears to confirm as much – the console is just a few inches shy of the holder’s entire torso in size.