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PS5 Insider Leak Teases Next-Gen Plunge in August State of Play

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • Sony’s next PS5 showcase is rumored for early August.
  • According to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb, Sony’s next State of Play could take place between Aug. 5 and Aug. 11.
  • Previous unsubstantiated rumors pinpointed Aug. 6 as as likely candidate for the event.

Rumors of an early August PS5-focused State of Play received a major credibility boost today. According to Venture Beat reporter, Jeff Grubb, Sony plans to drop the next next-gen showcase between Aug. 5 and Aug. 11 .

Grubb has become somewhat of authority during this E3-less summer, mainly thanks to the self-titled Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess on Twitter, which tracks all scheduled or rumored summer video game events via a range of subtle and not so subtle teases.

Early August State of Play rumor gets the nod from a respected insider. | Source: Twitter 

The latest update to the schedule sees Sony’s PS5 State of Play shoehorned between what Grubb calls ‘Rewatch GalaXy Quest’ on Aug. 5, and the ‘Frontier Showcase’ on Aug. 11.

Grubb did qualify this latest nugget via responses to various questions posed by Twitter users. Asked whether fans should look into the State of Play’s placement on the schedule, Grubb responded positively although struck a cautious note – ‘A tiny bit, yes. But still not certain, so no date.’ 

Similarly, when quizzed about whether the PS5 State of Play will take place before what the Summer Mess describes as ‘Xboxing day’ – presumably another Series X-focused showcase from Microsoft – Grubb said that to their knowledge this is indeed the case, but advised that it is ‘very shaky.’  The reporter noted that ‘it’s the one thing they can change at the last minute.’ 

Aug. 6 PS5 State of Play?

Previous rumors pinpointed Aug. 6 as the likely date for the upcoming PS5 State of Play, although these surfaced from a source lacking the same reputation as Jeff Grubb. Nevertheless, with this latest nod, Aug. 6 appears as a likely option given both Sony and Microsoft’s penchant for hosting events on Thursdays in recent times.

It’s worth noting that Sony has yet to publish any statement on the matter. As such, we recommend approaching all this with caution. Grubb’s backing is sure to get the rumor mill churning as we wait for an official announcement.