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PS4 ‘Exclusive’ Horizon Zero Dawn is Coming to PC – And It Won’t Be the Only One

Years after being releaseed as a 'PlayStation exclusive', Horizon Zero Dawn is reportedly coming to PCs this year.

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Jasmine Henry
January 17, 2020 5:55 AM
  • Kotaku sources reveal that PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn may be releasing on PC.
  • The game may not be the only PS4 exclusive that Sony is planning to release on PC
  • It could be part of a bigger Sony plan to get more people to spend money on its services.

A report by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier today revealed that Sony is planning to bring PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn to PC. The game, which was released in 2017, has helped Sony to sell millions of PS4 consoles. Many fans were surprised at the suggestion that Sony would bring such a popular ‘exclusive’ game to something other than its own console.

Horizon Zero Dawn
With Horizon Zero Dawn, PlayStation had its latest icon in Aloy, the game’s protagonist. | Source: PlayStation

The report adds several anonymous sources confirming that Sony will be releasing the game on PC this year. It will likely be sold on Steam and on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store has sold other popular Sony-published games before, such as Heavy Rain. The PC version of that game wasn’t published by Sony and was published by its developer. The Epic Games Store will also sell the PC version of Death Stranding, which uses the same game engine as Horizon Zero Dawn, when it releases though this will be published by 505 Games and not Sony.

Jason Schreier Sony plans tweet

Horizon Zero Dawn is the first Sony-published game from a Sony-owned developer to release on PC, but it may not be the only one. On Twitter, Schreier said that “I don’t think it’ll be the only one!” suggesting that Sony could release other PS4 exclusives on PC if Horizon Zero Dawn is popular.

This could be part of a larger Sony plan to make more money from services such as PlayStation Plus and its streaming service PlayStation Now. Microsoft is making money from services like Xbox Game Pass which are available on PC and Xbox consoles. PlayStation Now is available on PC and PlayStation consoles but Sony isn’t as popular with PC gamers as Microsoft is as Microsoft makes the Windows PC OS.

The PC gaming industry made $33.4 billion in 2018 which is just a few billion smaller than the money that console gaming makes. If releasing games on PC lets Sony get some of that money, Horizon Zero Dawn probably isn’t the only PS4 game that will come to PC.